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One of the most important parts of a proposal is the cover letter. Coming up with a cover letter for a project proposal should not really be hard. It's important to know how you can craft one that indeed captures the attention of the reader and has all the expected information. You can come up with a proposal for a specific project or even a grant, among many others. With so many proposals out there for virtually all manner of things, ensuring the critical details are captured in the proposal cover letter really helps. The following sample and tips can help you write a most effective one.

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Sample Proposal Cover Letter

Walter Rooker
432 Borndrive Street
Georgetown, CO 98564

July 31st

Ms. Hailey North
Acting Operations Manager
492 Easterly Av
Youtown, CO 63245

Dear Ms. North:

I am writing on behalf of Turning Curve, an Outdoor Lighting Non-Governmental Organization providing solutions for diverse impoverished areas across Colorado. This is our grant request for our new Lighting the Darkness Project worth $200,000.

We are a major NGO in Colorado specializing in Outdoor Lightning for the most neglected sections of our neighborhoods where most amenities are almost unheard of. It is our fifth year since we started and we intend to expand the project in areas not covered around the state including state camping grounds for families, among others. We understand the desire for many to just camp in different allowed grounds and we hope to help brighten these sections of the society, especially for security purposes to offer diverse people the chance to enjoy their lives without having to worry about darkness. We understand over 40 million Americans will be camping around the nation this year, most of whom will be in unlighted and dark areas that can actually be enhanced with a bit of lighting.

We have engaged in different projects with a number of achievements, especially:

  • Successfully lighted over 200 kilometers of inner city and camping grounds in five counties in 2016
  • Began our first national lighting project for sanctioned public camping grounds in 2017 and saw a 40% increase in the number of campers in areas covered
  • Spent over $450,000 on lighting accessories and equipment for those living in motor homes and helped hundreds of people see their neighborhoods in a whole new light

The company management is heavily interested in our new national Lighting the Darkness Project and already collecting top of the range energy efficient lighting equipment before the fall camping season kicks in. We are heavily driven by a desire to see people enjoy their surroundings and feel secure even at night. Our research and extension team is already out in the counties collecting data on unlighted public sections of the society, including finding the most power efficient and top of the range solutions that last longer and offer the best performance as they contact sponsors willing to work with us.

The grant will be critical in helping us reach more areas where people of all kinds take time to unwind and enjoy nature or streets that look dangerous due to dark sections. In recent times lives have been lost in unlighted sections of the state leaving love ones dejected and families crashed. In areas we have already lighted such as camping grounds have actually registered no violent cases or theft.

We hope to be considered for the grant offered by your company this year. Considering you might have so many questions regarding the new project I will get in touch in five days to offer more information and answer all the questions you might have in regard to the new project and meet in person to discuss how the grant can transform people's lives.


Walter Rooker

What to Note while Writing a Proposal Cover Letter

Don't forget contact information: Most important begin proposal cover letter with your contact information. In case the project is personal you might want to ensure your contact information and name is very clear, including the contact information of the company offering the grant. For company grant proposal cover letter, simply go with your name and the contact details of the company and add the contact information of the company offering grant.

Contact person: Ensure cover letter for proposal includes a contact to address. In case it's a grant providing company, simply ensure the manager or director's name is used or any name of the proper person appearing on their website or elsewhere.

Introductions: Whether it's a simple cover letter for book proposal or not do remember to also introduce yourself and the project, including what is being applied for such as grant. For company projects ensure the institution is well introduced as well as the exact project and amount requested.

Accomplishments: Do indicate diverse achievements highlighting past projects if any or even publications where available. In the case of a company proposal ensure the company's accomplishments shine through, including use of bullet points wherever possible.

Enthusiasm: With so many things to emphasize do use a cover letter for proposal template to effectively display how the project will be helping your career progress, transform communities or people. Do ensure this is clear to capture the contact person's attention right away.

Follow up: Any cover letter for a project proposal should include follow-up information to show the contact person your willingness to speak further about the grant, project and possible involvement. Follow-up call to action a few days later will allow you to manage your proposal applications and ascertain whether they were actually received.

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