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You can enjoy international cuisine, culture and sceneries by becoming a pilot. This profession also involves transporting passengers and cargo planes. Pilots are highly respected and required in modern transportation. They make it possible to perform international trade and travel. You can take up this strategic profession by using a pilot cover letter. Here is more about it.

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A Pilot Cover Letter Example

Yonas Smith
Georgia, GA 45610
Phone: 109-321-5689

October 28, 2018

Jenny Chopard
Hiring Manager,
British Airways.
67 Wilkinson Street, London.

Re: Pilot position

Dear Ms. Chopard,

It is my honor to present you with my application for the Pilot position in your airline. I have more than 10 years of experience in flying both passenger and cargo planes. I have completed all the necessary training and attained all the required licenses as well. In addition to that, I have trained myself and I'm fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese. Due to this, I have a firm understanding of international culture. I have attained the Employee of the Month and Pilot Extraordinaire Awards quite often in my career.

I have taken up a wide range of roles throughout my career. I have been a mechanic, flight plan advisor, control tower officer, light aircraft pilot and commercial pilot too. Each of these roles has helped me to gain valuable knowledge and skills. I also have a firm understanding of the airline industry as a whole. As such, I am confident that I can be a great addition to your airline in the Pilot capacity.

I am passionate about my work. I enjoy flying and strive to provide the highest quality flight experiences to my passengers. I have excellent interpersonal skills and take pleasure in explaining flight plans to my colleagues and passengers. I understand the processes that are performed when dealing with cargo transportation. In addition to that, I am patient and enjoy working in teams.

The opportunity to work at British Airways would be an excellent chance for me to learn new piloting strategies and methods. I appreciate the opportunity to make this application and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yonas Smith
Georgia, GA 45610
Phone: 109-321-5689

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of a Pilot Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of the airline pilot cover letter gives you a chance to introduce yourself to the potential employer. Here, you can indicate the specific position that you are applying for. You can also give an overview of your experience by indicating the length of time that you have worked in a particular role or position. This paragraph also provides you with a chance to indicate your most competitive skills. As you point them out, make sure that you pick the ones that are most relevant to the position that you are applying for. If you have any accolades or achievements, you should indicate them in this section of the cover letter. By doing so, you are able to give an excellent first impression to your potential employer.

How to Write the Main Body of a Pilot Cover Letter

The main body provides you with a chance to emphasize on the various elements that you have indicated in your Pilot cover letter. Here, you can indicate factors such as the various roles that you have taken up in the length of your career. While doing so, you can express the skills and knowledge that you gained in each one. Furthermore, you can indicate how these professional resources can be transferred to the position that you are applying for.

You can use this section to give more details about your achievements. Explain how you earned them and the skills or knowledge which you relied on to accomplish this. By doing so, you show initiative and make your cover letter more convincing to the potential employer.

How to End a Pilot Cover Letter

As you end a pilot cover letter, make sure to express enthusiasm for the position that you are applying for. You can indicate that you hope to be invited for an interview. Furthermore, appreciate the chance to make this application and express that you hope to hear from the potential employer soon.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Pilot Cover Letter

For your cover letter to be taken seriously, you need to make sure that it has the correct format. This means that it should have the ideal structure and content as well. This can be assured by using a sample guide. There are hundreds of them on the Internet. Simply download a template and refer to it as you write your cover letter. This enables you to write a cover letter that is attractive and capable of landing you the job!

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