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The personal trainer profession is fulfilling and provides you with full satisfaction. Here, you are able to assist people in creating fitness goals and plans for themselves. After that, you can transform their dreams into reality by using fitness equipment and strategies. You can take part in this profession by using a personal trainer cover letter.

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personal trainer cover letter sample personal trainer cover letter sample
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A Personal Trainer Cover Letter Example

Treza Bamford,
Michigan, MI 67081
Phone: 809-712-0032

October 23, 2018

Harrison Gemmick
Muscles of Steel Gym,
34 Flexview Street,
Michigan, MI 67081

Re: Personal trainer position

Dear Mr. Gemmick,

It is my honor to provide you with an application for the Personal trainer position. I have 3 years of experience in providing fitness assistance to clients. I have a firm grasp of the formal and practical fitness methods and strategies of today. I have completed all the required training for modern fitness. In addition to that, I have also completed a number of extra fitness certifications such as yoga and pilates. As such, I can provide a comprehensive and all encompassing fitness regimen for my clients. In my previous positions, I have transformed physiques so dramatically that I earned the Personal Trainer of the Month award more than once.

I have performed a wide range of roles in the field of fitness today. Examples of these are being a nutritionist, fitness regimen designer, messenger, receptionist, client aide and also a personal trainer. By engaging in these roles, I have learned a wide range of new skills. I have also gained a holistic knowledge-base of the fitness industry. As such, I am a well-rounded personal trainer and feel confident that I can fill in the position that you have in your establishment.

I am hard working and dedicated in my profession. I never quit until my client has achieved the fitness goals that they have set. My interpersonal skills are very well polished. I am fluent in 3 languages that are Spanish, English and French. As such, I can communicate with clients from various locations of the world comfortably. I am a team player and enjoy achieving group goals.

An opportunity to work at the Muscles of Steel Gym would be an excellent chance for me to learn new strategies of fitness. I would be humbled to receive an invitation to interview. I appreciate the chance to send this application and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Treza Bamford,
Michigan, MI 67081
Phone: 809-712-0032

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of a Personal Trainer Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of a Personal Trainer cover letter serves an introductory role. Here, you can indicate the exact position which you are applying for. You can also give an overview of your experience. The most competitive skills that you have can also be indicated in this section. If you have made any accomplishments, proceed to describe them in this paragraph. Furthermore, professional reviews and recommendations are also ideally included in this section of the cover letter. By including this information, you are able to create a great first impression to your potential employer.

How to Write the Main Body of a Personal Trainer Cover Letter

The main body of a Personal Trainer cover letter provides you with the chance to emphasize more on the facts and statements that you made in the first paragraph. You can indicate the specific roles that you have played in your professional career. As you do so, point out the specific skills and knowledge that you learned in each one. Moreover, you can describe how the skills that you learned can be applied in the specific position that you are applying to.

If you have made any achievements in your life, you can proceed to indicate them here. In this process, feel free to express their nature and whether they were individual or collective achievements. By doing this, you can create a strong, robust case for yourself in the cover letter.

How to End a Personal Trainer Cover Letter

As you conclude the Personal Trainer cover letter, make sure to express enthusiasm for the position that you are applying for. Proceed to indicate that you appreciate the chance to make the application and would be humbled by an invitation to interview. Close by indicating that you hope to hear from the potential employer soon.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Personal Trainer Cover Letter

You can make your Personal Trainer cover letter more professional by ensuring that it has a correct format. This can be done by using a personal trainer cover letter sample. You can download one from the Internet and refer to it as you write the letter. This ensures that your structure and content are correct. By using this tip, you can increase the chances of getting hired.

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