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Every office needs to have an individual who takes care of the logistical activities and oversees organization. The office assistant fills in this job. Their role is to make sure that all the other occupants of the office are able to access the resources that they require with ease. It is a rewarding job where your efforts directly and positively affect your colleagues. To get your foot in the door, you need to write an office assistant cover letter. Here is how to do it.

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An Office Assistant Cover Letter Example

Sally Bourdain
Texas, TX 34120
Phone: 500-432-7009

October 19, 2018

Mr. Bruce Clements
Hiring Manager,
Rolling Hills Real Estate Ltd.
56 Green Acres Drive
Texas, TX 34120

Re: Office Assistant Position

Dear Mr. Clements,

It is an honor to send you my application for the Office Assistant position in your company. I have 3 years of experience in this position. I have provided office-based assistance to professionals in fields such as the medical, financial, academic and real estate fields. In each of my previous employment positions, I delivered excellent services and increased the overall efficiency of each office. Due to this, I often received the Employee of the Month award.

Over the length of my career, I have played a wide range of professional roles. I have been a cashier, messenger, Information Technology (IT) resource person and office assistant. In each of these roles, I learned a number of new skills and developed positive traits. Furthermore, they helped me to get a universal, in-depth look at the corporate world.

I am a hard working person. I never leave the office until the task at hand is complete. I am also a highly organized. I will rearrange resources until they promote efficiency in the office. My interpersonal skills are top notch as well. Thanks to this, I am able to interact smoothly with colleagues and clients. Furthermore, I can effectively work in teams. I am always enthusiastic to celebrate a team victory. Due to these character traits, I am positive that I can fill the office assistant position in your firm.

The opportunity to work at Rolling Hills Real Estate Ltd would be highly appreciated. It would be a great chance for me to learn how to navigate this sector and also help the firm attain its client and investment goals. I would be humbled by an opportunity to be invited for an interview. During this meeting, I would be very happy to learn the deliverables of a professional in this position. I appreciate the chance to send this application and hope to hear from you soon.


Sally Bourdain
Texas, TX 34120
Phone: 500-432-7009

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of an Office Assistant Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of the cover letter for office assistant position serves an introductory role. Here, you can introduce yourself professionally to the potential employer. While doing this, you can indicate the specific position that you are interested in. You can also give an overview of your experience. This means that you can indicate the length of your experience and the industries that you have worked in. Mentioning your skills in this section is also a good idea. Furthermore, you can indicate your personal achievements here as well. If you have ever received any accolades or recognition, it is best reflected here. In this paragraph, your objective is to paint the most positive picture of your professional profile.

How to Write the Main Body of an Office Assistant Cover Letter

This part of the cover letter office assistant job provides you with an opportunity to emphasize further on the elements which you discussed in the opening paragraph. You can indicate more detail about the locations where you have worked so far. While doing so, you can express the exact positions that you took and the traits that they helped you to learn. If you have participated in collective activities such as conferences, this can be expressed in this part of the cover letter. In addition to that, you can express how you attained your achievements. Feel free to describe the activities that you undertook so as to gain these achievements. The main paragraph gives you a chance to explain your professional profile with a fine toothed comb. This is all done to give the best first impression to your potential employer.

How to End an Office Assistant Cover Letter

The last paragraph of the Office Assistant cover letter is quite important. That's because you can use it to express enthusiasm for the position that you are applying for. You can also utilize it so as to humbly request an interview. Proceed to indicate that the meeting will provide you with a chance to discover the responsibilities that the potential employer expects from an individual in this position.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Office Assistant Cover Letter

It is very important to ensure that your Office Assistant cover letter has the correct format. This ensures that it looks professional and attracts the right attention. You can do so by referring to a quality cover letter for office assistant sample. There are many of these on the Internet and you only have to download a sample cover letter for office assistant with no experience for reference. Doing this can increase your chances of getting hired!

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