How to Write a No-experience Cover Letter

Wiring a cover letter without any experience can be daunting especially for students who are looking into entering the corporate world right away. No-experience cover letter doesn’t have to be complex and draining to write if you know where to start and how to do it. The following is a no-experience cover letter sample to help you out and tips to get you started.

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Real Sample No-experience Cover Letter

James Michael Rapport
659 Mark Street
Pacific Beach, WII 58745
Phone: (555) 777-3465

October 30, 2018

Ms. Aubrey Rolando
Hiring Manager
GTRO Seismic Ltd
88 Angers Road
Pacific Beach, WII 09212

Dear Ms. Rolando:
I graduated from high school in June from Pacific Side High School and currently in search of a Junior Office Clerk position at GTRO Seismic Ltd. I am an industrious, driven and enthusiastic person with notable talent in office management, support and communication. Bringing my drive and energy into GTRO Seismic Ltd team and contributing to its efficiency and success is a huge motivation to apply for this position.
I worked as a clerk in a family-owned clearing and forwarding firm and volunteered my time in the clerk office in our school over the summer, which has heavily exposed me to the nature of office clerk and administration duties. I understand clearly the overlapping clerical and administration functions and perfectly able to carry them out with utmost initiative and dedication. In both offices I was able to maintain good rapport with clients, workers, students and parents developing my customer experience and care skills to amicable levels. I am highly organized, able to carry out bookkeeping, filing and recordkeeping duties in a timely fashion with exceptional professionalism wherever called upon.
I am aptly excited at the possibility of working with the talented team at GTRO Seismic Ltd and ready to meet and discuss your needs and position further. I was told by your office that you will be around in three days and I will call to set up a one on one meeting within that time. I can be reached through (555) 777-3465 in case you want to get in touch.
Thank you for your patience, consideration and time.
James Michael Rapport,
Phone: (555) 777-3465

No-experience Cover Letter Writing Tips

Qualifications and job matching: With the no experience cover letter the headache can be matching your qualifications to the open position. The key is to really read and understand the requirements of the job prior to writing the cover letter. Take a note book and list all the important skills, qualities, experience and skills the company is searching for. Ensure you have the requirements in a list before taking your time to ensure each of your credential actually matches the job listing or description.

Pay attention to the opening sentence: Do remember when writing the opening sentence of your no experience cover letter to show gusto for the open position while summarizing why the position is just a great fit. Ensure the specific post is clearly mentioned if this has been done on the job listing.  For instance you could write that “I am very interested in the open Assistant Online Mail Marketing post since it taps directly into my online email marketing knowledge, customer service, niche marketing, IT and writing skills”.

Depict your skills: On the job listing identify those skills required and write a sentence to show the hiring manager you’ve what they need. Summarily add some skill from your background such as internship, class project, and volunteer experience among others showing clearly that you actually possesses the skill needed. You could for example say that “I used my people skills and customer experience abilities to recruit funders and well-wishers for the annual Michigan save the giant tree drive”. Note that stressing on your ability to understand concepts, learn fast and be creative are critical skills to showcase in your application for a no-experience applicant and entry level job seeker.

Quantify as much as possible: Try as much as you can to quantify accomplishments. For instance you could say “quick customer experience abilities and creativity enabled me to stop total fallout between the school administration and environment club leadership saving over 75% of the annual funding that would have been stopped halting all upcoming environment drives in the community”.

Follow-up: Do indicate your willingness to follow-up to arrange for an interview. You could say “I will be reaching your office to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and the position in three days”.

Proofread: ensure you’ve read the no experience cover letter before you submit with your resume. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and misspellings. Do read the draft aloud to catch the errors or request a colleague to read it on your behalf and rectify mistakes.

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