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Whenever you are applying for a job, it is important to ensure that you use the correct accompanying documents. One of these is a cover letter. It should be accurate, relevant and written in the modern format. This not only grabs the attention of your hiring manager but also increases your chances of getting employed. Feel free to consult a modern cover letter template as you write. Many professionals refer to these resources when writing modern cover letters. Here is more on how to write a modern cover letter.

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Tips for Writing a Modern Cover Letter

Be specific and personal

When you are writing a modern cover letter, make sure that you add as much detail to it as you can. Specify the exact position that you are applying for. This can be done in the header and also in the content. If the cover letter which you are writing is for an online application, make sure to use the business letter format. Here, ensure that the letter has both a header and your contact information. If you are sending out the cover letter through email, you do not have to insert a header. However, you need to make sure that you indicate your contact data. In both cases, attach your resume and indicate that you have done so.

Indicate the required names

As you write a cover letter, make sure that you indicate the name of the hiring manager. This will be inserted in the salutation. Do not send out a cover letter that does not have the name of the recipient or the person in charge of hiring. Thus, make sure that you find out their details. this can be accomplished through a Google search or by asking people who are connected to the firm you are applying to. Do your research and find out the name of the hiring manager. Not only will this fulfill the format requirements of a modern cover letter, it will also show that you are always ready to take initiative.

Tell a story

The cover letter is an opportunity to provide the potential employer with material about you that is not indicated in the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Therefore, make sure to use as many case scenarios as you need to demonstrate your knowledge and describe your skill set and talents. Just like a good novel, the cover letter should begin with a killer opening line. Hook the reader’s attention and maintain it throughout the letter. Be as descriptive as possible while staying honest. Furthermore, the objective of your story should be to indicate how you would implement your capabilities in the advertised position for the benefit of the company.

Address career gaps

If there is any gap in your career, make sure to address it up front in your cover letter. Your resume will contain a timeline of your professional career. If there are any gaps, they will be evident. Utilize your cover letter to explain them in full. It is always beneficial if you were still engaged in an activity that is relevant to your career during the gap.

Utilize bullet points

Bullet points are used to organize ideas so that they are distinct from each other. You can do the same in your cover letter. Organize your ideas and then punctuate them with bullet points. This will help the hiring manager to identify your core skills, talents or knowledge with a quick glance and short list you. Furthermore, it saves them time. You should also refer to modern cover letter examples so as to establish and maintain the correct format.

Indicate how you would fit in their corporate culture

Show in your cover letter that you understand the potential employer’s corporate culture. Furthermore, indicate how you would fit in it. This is an often overlooked but highly necessary element in the modern cover letter.

Keep it short

A cover letter should be one page long or less. It is a quick description of the capabilities, talents and knowledge that you could not express in the Curriculum Vitae (CV). It should hit the nail on the head when it comes to your professional experience and current direction. Hence, it should be a brief document.

Modern Cover Letter Sample

Jamal Drewford
Michigan, MI 30045
Phone: 312-607-0091

October 12, 2018

Ms. Hillary Swank
Hiring Manager
Kickoff Sports & Nutrition Company,
803 Sunny Palm Drive,
Michigan, MI 30045

Re: Quality Assurance Officer Position

Dear Ms. Swank,

Words cannot explain how happy I am to submit this application for the Quality Assurance position after reading an advertisement for this opening in the Health Digest. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field after 6 years of experience in this industry. Not only do I have innovative, strategic knowledge, I have also sharpened my skills in this field. Therefore, I can handle any product or combination of items that are handed to me.

In the course of my work, I am always focused on providing tested and documented reports on quality of products. I always triple check my outcomes to assure that they are correct. In addition to that, I understand the application of the items manufactured by performance supplements companies. I also have a firm grasp of the economic and legal environments surrounding these products. After applying my capabilities in previous jobs, I earned a slew of awards ranging from Employee of the Month to Future Strategist Award. This recognition inspired me to pursue the intricacies of my profession with greater vigor.

A Quality Assurance Officer needs to make sure that the elements of the products under scrutiny are balanced. They also need to ensure that these elements fulfill the requirements of the market. Furthermore, this officer needs to have a firm grasp of the standards that govern the production and distribution of supplements in the country and beyond. In the course of performing my job, I always ensure that I fulfill these responsibilities to the best of my capability. This is so as to ensure that my employer gains a substantial Return On Investment (ROI).

By applying for this position in your company, I am searching for an opportunity to join a global firm with innovative methods and products. Kickoff Sports & Nutrition Company is well known around the world for providing high quality products to their consumers. With a collection of successful athletes under sponsorship, your company is the standard of excellence in sports fitness. I would be honored to get the opportunity to learn from you and make a valid contribution to the firm.

I am very happy to apply for the position of Quality Assurance Officer in your company. Please do contact me through my email address or phone number for the purpose of making interview arrangements. We can subsequently proceed to discuss the responsibilities associated with the position on a first hand basis. Thank you for your consideration.


Jamal Drewford
Michigan, MI 30045
Phone: 312-607-0091

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