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Few industries in the world are rising and opening up quite like Information Technology (IT). Therefore, if you can get an opportunity to join it, you most definitely should. It has a wide variety of professional tasks for you to perform. It also creates a good foundation for a technical or business career. To begin working in the field of Information Technology (IT), you can make an application by creating a cover letter for it job. Here is more about this.

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IT Cover Letter Sample

David Herringbone
New York, NY 78901
Phone: 980-451-7009

October 13, 2018

Ms. Alicia Spelling
Chief Technical Officer
Universal Systems Ltd.,
New York, NY 78901

Re: Information Technologist Position

Dear Ms. Spelling,

I am honored to write this application letter for the Information Technologist position in your company. I have substantial experience in the development of software, construction of hardware solutions and also the implementation of these Information Technology (IT) elements in a company today. I have been active in the IT industry through all the generations of computer technologies. I was involved in the transition from analog systems to digital ones. As such, I am knowledgeable and highly experienced.

Throughout my career, I have taken up a number of jobs and professions in my industry. They are varied and have granted me a unique perspective of this industry. Some examples of these are a cyber café attendant, programmer, Systems Analyst, web designer, customer service assistant and Information Technologist. I learned a wide collection of skills in these professions. Moreover, they exposed me to the inner workings of the industry and gave me valuable experience.

Over time, I was able to develop skills and talents that complement my Information Technologist profession. I have learned to be patient and also to pay attention to detail. I have also learned how to interact positively with clients and keep deadlines. My interpersonal skills are sharper now and I can successfully work in teams. Thanks to these new found skills and talents, I can operate productively in any organization.

An opportunity to work and contribute effectively at Universal Systems Ltd is an ideal chance through which I can learn many new strategies and methods of handling Information Technology (IT) resources. I would be very grateful to be invited for an interview for the purpose of discussing the specific details of the position and the responsibilities attached to it. I appreciate the opportunity to send this application. I look forward to hearing from you.


David Herringbone
New York, NY 78901
Phone: 980-451-7009

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of an IT Cover Letter

It is important to know that the opening paragraph of the cover letter it is of tremendous importance. It gives you an opportunity to express your professional profile. Here, you can indicate the specific position that you are applying for. You can also indicate elements such as your skills, talents and capabilities. If you have ever attained any achievements, they should be shown in this first paragraph. In addition to that, you can quote any constructive reviews that you have ever got from relevant, authentic sources in your career. By doing so, you can paint an ideal picture of yourself to attract the employer's attention in a positive way.

How to Write the Main Body of an IT Cover Letter

The main body of a cover letter should contain information which contributes positively to your bid for the advertised position. Hence, you can proceed to expound your skills. You can indicate your capabilities and how you have used them in your professional career so as to achieve results. You can use examples and case studies to show how your skill set and knowledge came in handy for achieving organizational goals. By doing this, you can demonstrate that you are competent in applying your capabilities to solve problems in your line of work.

The experience that you have gained so far in your profession can be indicated in the main body of your cover letter. While explaining it, you can quote the exact jobs that you performed. This reveals to the potential employer that you have a varied professional history. Exhibiting the ability to be multi-talented is a method that you can use to gain some competitive advantage over the other applicants for the job.

How to End an IT Cover Letter

It is important to end an IT cover letter in a way that ensures your success in the bid for the job. Express a plea for invitation to an interview. This should be done in a courteous and professional way. While doing so, indicate the expectations which you have for the interview. In these details, show that you understand the responsibilities of a professional in this position. This helps you to foster confidence in the potential employer and boosts your chances of getting the interview and the job as well.

Other Writing Tips to Make an IT Cover Letter

While writing an IT cover letter, it is important for you to stick to a specific format. This can be done by utilizing an it cover letter sample. The it cover letter template is a freely available guide that shows you the specific information which you need to add. The it cover letter examples also show you the specific format to use in the letter. By combining the elements of a sample it cover letter, you are able to indicate content that is concise, professional and effective.

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