How to Write an I-751 Cover Letter

Unlike most i-751 cover letter isn't really required, but highly recommended that you prepare it to enhance your case. You can actually make your application strong and filled with all the required information if you went with I-751 cover letter sample to help you draft the document. While I-751 cover letter is highly critical seek to ensure its kept as simple and short as you can. The idea is ensuring all the needed information, way from your name to the required alien number of registration have been added. Seek to be clear, truthful and concise as you explain the reason for the cover letter.

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Structure of I-751 Cover Letter

Personal information: The first thing i-751 cover letter need to have is your personal details from your name, residential address to phone number etc.

Address USCIS: Do address the department of homeland security of the United States in the letter and exactly the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Correctly include the local USCIS service center address. Leave some space and add the proper date.

Purpose: Include "RE" to show the purpose of the letter, which is basically a joint petition for the removal of conditions of status, followed by the concerned individuals and their identification details.

Contact individual: It's almost given you might not know whom to contact but here a "Dear Sir/Madam" will do just fine.

Letter content: Do try to make the most of i-751 cover letter sample to perfectly include all the needed details. The idea is ensuring you've captured all the required information and beginning the letter well. Start the letter with a paragraph indicating the form that's enclosed, its purpose and exactly who it affects. You can even add information on how the relatives you seek to have conditions removed entered the country. Do list all the documents enclosed. In the ending, do note the authenticity of documents and how they're not altered and your agreement to have the original documents submitted to consular or immigration officer if required in future.

Closing: Use a formal closing such as "Sincerely or Yours Truly", add your signature and full name.

Real Sample for I-751 Cover Letter

Marina Merin Kashoggi
321 Hide Park, Apt 55,
Ecston, CA 87564
Phone: (555)543-0943
United States Department of Homeland Security
Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services
Blairmount Service Center
83 Upper Western Av
Hide Parkston, TR 54678
October 23, 2018
RE: I-751 Joint Petition to Remove Conditions of Status On:
John Rahul Kashoggi: A 987-654-9832
Janet Kashoggi: A 987-654-9833
Dear Sir/Madam:

Enclosed kindly find the Joint I-751 Form, Petition for removal of conditions of permanent resident status, for my husband John Rahul Kashoggi and daughter Janet Kashoggi. My husband and daughter came into the United States courtesy of a K-1 Visa while Janet Kashoggi entered the United States via K-2 Visa.

Happily living as a family together, I am requesting that this petition be accepted and conditions on the residence of John Rahul Kashoggi and Janet Kashoggi be removed.

Enclosed also find:

  • $205 application fee
  • Form I-751
  • Form I-551 USCIS Copy
  • 4 photographs
  • Jointly filed U.S. tax return copy for 2017
  • U.S. citizens and friends sworn affidavits confirming our marriage and relationship
  • Driver's License copies
  • Passport copies
  • Identification card copies indicating residential address
  • Recent statements of Checking and Savings Accounts jointly held
  • Life Insurance Policies copies displaying my husband and daughter as beneficiary
  • Health Insurance card copies
  • Postal mail communication copies from friends and family members
  • Photographs of my husband, daughter and I recently taken
  • Affidavits notarized and sworn by parents as testament to our marriage

Copies of all documents enclosed are precise copies of unaltered documents. I am always ready to submit the original documents to any Consular or Immigration officer whenever required. Our home is open to you in case you would like to make a visit.

Marina Merin Kashoggi

Tips to Write an I-751 Cover Letter

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