How to Write an I-485 Cover Letter

It's recommended that you draft an I-485 cover letter to make a formal request for the status adjustment of a United States citizen's spouse, usually filed together with Form I-130. With I-485 cover letter you can actually make it easier for the recipient to understand the reason for the letter and all the documents you've included. Do use I-485 cover letter sample to get all the required details correctly and also ensure you've added all the needed vital information.

While using a sample note that people's situation aren't the same and you must customize the cover letter to help you get things done efficiently. With the letter you'll be able to draw the attention of the immigration officer processing the information right away and help them know all the documents you’ve attached for their perusal.

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Structure of I-751 Cover Letter

Address: Include your postal address and ensure it's clearly indicated.

Include date: Do plainly add the current date.

Addressee: Note that the USCIS is the addressee in this case and their address should be added, particularly the service center where the request will be processed from.

Subject: Ensure there's a subject line indicating what the letter is all about such as "RE: Status Application Adjustment".

Names: The full name of the petitioner and full name of the beneficiary need to be well indicated.

Salutation: Just like any other formal correspondence I-485 cover letter should have a salutation.

Letter Content: With the intention for the I-485 cover letter clear, go ahead and lay out the reasons for the draft, why you're writing to USCIS. Do ensure full names are used whenever mentioned.

Documents: Making a case for yourself is everything and I-485 cover letter sample can help you get started and capture all that's needed. Go ahead and mention in a list form the documents that have been enclosed.

Contact details: Chances are the processing persons might want to get in touch. Adding contact number or emails ensures that whenever they need to do so they've your contact information to get in touch right away.

Closing: Do add a formal closing to end the letter professionally, including your signature and a fully printed name.

Real Sample for I-485 Cover Letter

687 North Road
Newark, NY 3456

October 12, 2018

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
P.O. Box 56789,
Downtown, CA 879054

RE: I-485 Application to Adjust Status or Register Permanent Residence
Beneficiary: Martin Froome
Petitioner: Martha Froome
Dear Sir/Madam/USCIS Officer,

This letter is to let you know the list of relevant documents enclosed with the document packet. Enclosed are the forms I-485 Application for Status Adjustment or Registration for Permanent Residence, Affidavit of Support Form I-864, Travel Document Application Form I-131 and Employment Authorization Application Form I-765.

Enclosed documents also include:

  • Check with required processing fees for each USCIS required form
  • Form G-1145
  • Petitioner's Form I-130
  • Beneficiary's Form I-130A
  • Beneficiary's Form I-485 including 4 photos
  • Beneficiary's Form I-765
  • Beneficiary's Form I-131
  • 1-864 petition of the petitioner and related documents
  • Beneficiary's Medical Examination recently done
  • Birth certificate of the beneficiary
  • Petitioner's Birth Certificate copy
  • Copy of Passport of the beneficiary
  • Departure and Arrival I-94 record copy
  • Our Valid United States Marriage Certificate copy
  • Divorce declaration certificate of the beneficiary

Thank you for considering this application and taking time to look at the enclosed documents. Do get in touch in case you require any further information, have a question or concern regarding the status adjustment application.

Martha Froome
687 North Road
Newark, NY 3456

Writing Tips to Remember when Writing an I-485

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