How to Write an I-130 Cover Letter

The importance of the I-130 form cannot be underestimated considering it's a necessity in petitioning for alien relatives. USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) require the form to be submitted for close relatives who want to legally migrate into the United States. Note that you don't really have to submit an I-130 cover letter although it can be really critical for those who might want to clarify certain information or explain specific circumstances regarding their immigration. To craft the kind of cover letter that explains your situation and make the most of the petition a number of things need to be considered.

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Structure of I-130 Cover Letter

I 130 cover letter need not be confusing. The important thing is ensuring certain details needed are added, such as:

It's possible for immigration cases to have unusual circumstances that need some explanation. An extra page can be added with the elucidation. The extra sheet or page should also be started and completed in the same manner as the cover letter for I-130 application.

Real Sample for I-130 Cover Letter

144 Rivers Avenue Shining City, CA 0987 October 21, 2018 USCIS Attn: 1-130 153 Cauldron Ave Shining City, CA 0754

RE: 1-130 Petition for My Father, Jimson Hawks

Dear Sir/Madam:

I, Hubrey Hawks, a citizen of the United States, am filing a I-130 petition for my father, Jimson Hawks.

Enclosed are the different required documents and others for your perusal.

  • I-130 form
  • I-130 $520 filing fee
  • Copy of Naturalization certificate of the petitioner
  • Birth Certificate of the petitioner
  • Marriage certificate of the petitioner
  • Photographs of both the beneficiary and petitioner together
  • Additional supporting documents

Document copies submitted are certified copies of the original documents. I comprehend that my father and I could be requested to provide the original documents at a specific date in the future to either the consular or immigration officers.

In case of any information you might require or concern on the cover letter for I 130 petition do contact me via the phone number provided below.

Kind regards,
Hubrey Hawks
144 Rivers Avenue
Shining City, CA 0987

Tips to Emphasize or Note when Writing I 130 Cover Letter

Note that whether you're concurrently filing I 130 and I 485 cover letters you can avoid the disappointment of applications being returned to you due to errors such as sloppy application, disorganized details, formatting errors and having to spend lots of money to rectify severe mistakes. Accomplish this by:

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