How to Write an Unsolicited Cover Letter

A time comes when a person might be jobless and in need of employment from a company yet to post any job opening. This is where the unsolicited cover letter comes in, which helps the job seeker to make inquiries on the possibility of job openings with the aim of capturing the attention of the recruiter. Unsolicited cover letters need to be addressed to the right person, such as a division manager, HR department or hiring manager. The reason you need to address a specific individual is to ensure the letter is read rather than go with a general ineffective and impersonal “to whom it may concern” kind of cover letter.

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Unsolicited Cover Letter Example

Here's an unsolicited cover letter sample you can use to draft an effective one.

Ms. Mara Wheetens
143 Jockey Avenue
Jonyson, Cleveland 23098
Phone: (555)45-45654

October 28, 2018

Mr. Jenkins Maitland
GJLT Services
Hiring Manager
32 Kneedle Drive
Jonyson, Cleveland 23098

Dear Mr. Maitland,

This letter is a show of interest in a Sales and Marketing position or other related undertaking at GJLT Services. I am conversant with the excellent reputation of your company for the supply of top quality ergonomic office and home fittings and furniture across the country and beyond. Indeed I had the pleasure of interacting with Mrs. Georgina Copeland, the operations manager at your organization and she suggested that I write to you about a possible position opening in the sales and marketing department. I am ready to offer my extensive sales and marketing experience in a position where I can increase revenue and help extend company operations and brands across the nation and other territories.

I have been in sales and marketing for the last 9 years where I worked in promotional, branding, marketing, PR, sales and customer experience capacities, sometimes all in one role. I was a senior marketer for Gandalf Devitto Services managing multimillion marketing contracts with clients spread across the United States, Canada, Singapore and Europe and was in the verge of penetrating to China. I also worked at Bathtub Fittings Ltd in 2017 and averaged quarterly sales of more than $4 million each time. I also co-authored a marketing book currently used in most colleges and universities across the continent in marketing classes.

As an efficient communication specialist I have been able to penetrate very difficult markets and geography with all types of people in all sorts of situations. For instance in China I had already helped set up a Gandalf Devitto Services office and attracted diverse clientele from all areas of business by making appointments and calling them myself before I had to return home due to some pressing personal matters.

I am a Master's degree holder in Sales, Marketing and Business Management with certifications in sales, PR and publicity in various territories. Being highly motivated and detail orientated helped me penetrate difficult marketing terrain and break into new sales ground for my employer. I will be bringing this work ethic into your company given the chance.

How would you like to raise GJLT Services sales revenue by 67% and penetrate virgin ground and markets in six months? I would appreciate an opportunity to meet in person and talk about your needs and any position in your company. Do contact me via email or phone.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Ms. Mara Wheetens
Phone: (555)45-45654

Tips for Writing an Unsolicited Cover Letter

Purpose in first paragraph: As unsolicited cover letter examples show, ensure you've captured the letter's purpose in the first paragraph, briefly stating your background, experience and skills and why you're interested in joining the company.

Skill paragraph: Even if using unsolicited cover letter template don't forget to have another paragraph detailing more about your skills, qualifications and credentials without pinning yourself into any specific rank, position or division. Allow the qualifications to speak for you as you offer broader image of your abilities and potential.

Accomplishments briefly: Don't forget to have another paragraph clearly summarizing your accomplishment in the industry. Highlight achievements that go beyond and above your normal duties as you market yourself thoroughly closing on your job skills to persuade the reader that missing the opportunity to employ you will be a huge loss.

Highlight contact: Do offer your contact details in the closing paragraph showing your willingness to meet in person and desire to call the person soon.

Address a specific person: It's highly critical to address the person who is able to hire you or makes the decision on hiring and recruitment. Find their name and title, even if you've to call the company to find this information.

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