How to Write an Entry Level Cover Letter

For so many people the entry level cover letter is at times ignored or not written well as should be the case. However, its importance cannot be underestimated; it’s the first thing any hiring manager will interact with in your application. Taking enough time to ensure the cover letter has been tailored to the job of interest is most important. The way you come up with the cover letter entry level draft will be critical in demonstrating how organized you really are and your ability to write. The following entry level cover letter example and tips will help you create the positive impression you want to make and convince the reader to offer you an interview in coming days.

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Sample Entry Level Cover Letter

1. Contact section: Include your contacts, the date and the contacts of the employer or hiring manager. E.g.:

Knight Clinger
West Side Avenue,
Joyhill, NY, 7023

October 12, 2018

Mr. Francis Smith,
Hiring Manager,
Homeland Services Ltd,
Powell, NYC 5678

2. Salutation: Do learn the name of the contact person or the hiring manager, their title and address them with the last name in the cover letter. E.g.

Dear Mr. Smith:

3. First paragraph: Indicate in the first paragraph how you came to learn of the job opportunity and mention any person who may have referred you. E.g.

This is a show of interest for the open Copy Editing Position as advertised on the having been recommended by Ann White, the editor at Pickford Publishers where I had spent six months for my industrial attachment. I am graduating this fall with majors in Content Editing, English and Stylistics with minors in Customer Care and Communication.

4. Second paragraph: Key skills that you believe qualify you for the job should be highlighted.


In the four years I have spent at Luther College of Publishing I have enhanced my grammatical, copywriting, editing, writing and communication skills that I believe will be critical in this open position. Within the last three years I have been the editor and senior book and magazine reviewer for the weekly college journal, Hot Shots and currently the Senior Editor. With a permanent team of over 20 students and a huge number of writers I have been collaborating with I was able to make Hot Shots a voice to be heard in the community with readership spread in over 10 colleges countrywide. I definitely understand what it takes to collaborate with different content creators and contributors, coming up with interesting content, proofreading and manuscripts and articles, page and format designing as well as soliciting interviews from within the college and without.

5. Third/Fourth Paragraph: In this section you can include other related achievements and qualifications such as internships, volunteering occasions, completed significant projects and any training or programs taken at this time. Do also include a request for an interview and thank the reader for their time and consideration.


I have just completed a six month internship at Pickford Publishers as an assistant editor with other roles such as involvement in communication and marketing drives. I was also involved in managing social media content and helping in market research, corporate newsletter formulation and representing the company in book fairs and conferences.

I am well versed in MS Office Suite tools such as Powerpoint, Access, Word and Excel, Photoshop, Corel Drawing, Adobe Creative Cloud and other publication software. Do view my design and writing samples online at I am eager to offer my skills as a Copy Editor and boost your sales and brand experience. I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss your needs and position further. I will call after three days to make sure you received the application and set up an interview at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your consideration and time.

6. Formal closing: Ensure the entry level cover letter is formally and professionally closed. Do include your contact details such as phone, email etc. as well.

Knight Clinger

Tips to Help you Write an Entry Level Cover Letter

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