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When you’re required to relocate the process of job application can be really depressing. Writing a well done relocation cover letter is one way of making sure you get all facts right. It's perfectly important to first identify the place you intend to move into, the type of job opportunities offered in the new location and know clearly what you're looking for. Through relocation cover letter examples you should be able to create the required cover letters and well done resumes, clearly demonstrating your skills to compel hiring managers you deserve an interview very fast.

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Subject (Should include both your name and the position being applied for): Customer Service Manager Position-Hannah Mcdowell

Dear Miss. Janice Smyth (Recruiter/contact person),

I came across your job posting in for a Customer Communication Manager with a lot of interest. In the last 8 years, I have I been able to create a communication and sales team bringing together all the departments of a fortune 500 company, completely transformed customer care response by over five minutes and helped boost sales by 45% through improvement in product messaging and sales drive changes. These activities and experience convince me I am perfectly prepared for the open Customer Communication Manager position.

Currently, at Grant Mathews Ltd I have been overseeing the diverse activities of over five departments in relation to customer care, sales and communication. By heading a team of over 50 people and establishing clear direction, objectives and aim through proper training and intense mentorships and coaching the customer service and communication team completely transformed the fortunes and sales direction of the company. I was also engaging both our clientele and company team helping deal with over 60 customer related problems and challenges every day, while automating customer related procedures during offwork hours to enhance efficiency around the clock.

I am an ideal fit for the position due to my sales, communication and customer focused nature that has seen total company sales increase by 37% in just 3 months. I believe in motivating and preparing employees to accomplish better customer experience, come up with better sales goals and conjure actionable insights to change customer perception and build loyalty. In the new Customer Communication Manager role I will work tirelessly to empower the sales and communication team and grow customer care support schemas to build customer trust and grow sales rapidly.

How about growing Grant Mathews Ltd sales by a minimum 20% in just 45 days? Do give me a call or email to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and the position further at the earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Hannah McDowell
(555) 358-5498

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