How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

It's never easy to apply for a job and writing an effective cover letter. It's worth noting that the first thing the hiring manager interacts with is your cover letter and might not even need to take a peek at the resume if the cover letter speaks all the language they want to hear and offers all the information in brief they're looking for. If not categorically discouraged from writing one, always craft an effective cover letter. Always remember the first interaction between you and the recruiter or potential employer is the letter. Learning how to write an effective cover letter can help you get ahead of other applicants. Here are tips to help you get started.

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Why You Still Need a Cover Letter

The worst thing you can do is submit an application for a job with the resume only without an effective cover letter. Of course cover letters may have changed, particularly with changes in technology but still matter more than many think. Today, all you need is paste the cover letter in the email's body and as much as emails might appear informal you mustn't forget to remain professional and formal.

You might want to look at effective cover letter samples to get a glimpse of how to get one efficiently done, but no matter what you must draft one. The recruiter and employer by extension is on the lookout to see whether you can write and express yourself well and the level of effort you've put into it.

You really don't have the pleasure of being sloppy in writing an effective cover letter or writing a poorly done letter with all manner of grammar and spelling errors. Put lots of effort in writing an effective cover letter and carry as much research as you can and avoid summarizing your resume by make it stand out and giving the reader a reason to look at it.

What an Effective Cover Letter Should Contain

Who to address: As effective cover letter samples show you must ensure the document addresses a specific person. Ensure you've captured the employer or recruiter's name, title, email and other details correctly. Call the company if you've to get the name and other information right. You can even try the company website to get details right.

First paragraph: It's critical to ensure the opening paragraph contains the position being applied, including how you came across the job listing. In case it's a referral also indicate who that is and indicate the name of the mutual connection or contact.

Mid paragraphs: Ensure your qualifications, experience and skills are tied and tailored to answer to the description in the job listing and what you know about the company and open position. Do focus on level of experience, academic qualification and skills among others as indicated in the resume without regurgitating it. Take a few, 3-4 requirements from the job listing and focus on them emphasizing on your most recognizable and strongest attributes relating to the job. Where direct education or experience would work superbly for you ensure it's summarized in the cover letter to make the recruiter seek further information in the resume. Ensure you've indicated why the company, field or position interests you.

Closing/last paragraph: Use the closing paragraph while writing an effective cover letter to restate why the position interests you ensuring your fitness for the position is obvious in your qualifications. Do request an in-person meeting or appointment or indicate that you'd be calling later to schedule a meeting at the most convenient time. In case you are able to indicate the time or date you intend to call do so. Don't forget to show gratitude to the reader for taking time to read your application and consideration.

Proper format: Ensure the format you use is professional enough and highly formal. Stick to a block style and business letter formal format ensuring the content is towards the left margin. Ensure the resume and cover letter fonts are similar. The effective cover letter must be concise, sweet to read and brief. The reader will be interested in how you write. So, proofread and rectify all grammatical mistakes and errors.

You're being tested: Never forget that the cover letter, whether requested or not remains a test. The recruiter or employer will be reading to see your presentation skills, writing ability and communication skills. Your dedication to tasks and ability to connect your skills, achievement, qualifications and experience to the open position will come into a serious test. Don't expect your LinkedIn or social media profile to talk for you or the resume to be enough on its own. Write an effective cover letter every time.

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