How to Write an Academic Cover Letter

When you're thinking about an academic job and have found the perfect opportunity there only remains one thing. You must write the most professional and effective academic cover letter. Note that when applying for academic jobs in universities and colleges the way you draft your cover letter will vary greatly from a typical cover letter for another type of job. More than other letters you've written before this would be the most read by people who've no problem reading long academic documents. The philosophical pillars of your industry will be of more important to them than a standard company recruiter would. In short, you cannot get it wrong! The following tips and academic cover letter sample will help you get started.

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Academic Cover Letter Example

Here's an academic cover letter sample you can use to draft an effective one.

Lee Harvey
652 College Street
Tongfo, NA 09345

November 13, 2018
Becky Ralphs,
USCU Human Resource Manager
657 Wetting Rd.
Academic City, GA 09482

Dear Miss Ralphs,

I am writing to apply for the open position of Deputy Professor of Linguistics and Foreign Languages as published on the USCU website. Currently a Wormwood University doctoral candidate about to complete my PhD by January 2019, I also hold a degree in linguistics and foreign languages from Walker Cummins University. My dissertation is on the Effect of Lithuania Old Dialects on the Evolution of American English under the guidance of Dr. Sarah McCane. With a previous pedagogical experience both at the college and high school level in languages, including intensive research on lingua francas and human language living, particularly in Forme's language living theory I believe I will be an efficient addition to your faculty.

As you will find in my curriculum vitae, I have been teaching foreign language acquisition courses and language studies in high schools and colleges. My doctoral critique is a quantitative and qualitative examination of human language living cognitive abilities vis-à-vis the socio-psycho underpinnings of language acquisition variation. At Merryweather College I also have a running Latin and Lithuania teaching course helping interested students and general public learn Latin and Lithuanian for business, curiosity or other. I seek engaging learners on the examination of diverse facets of linguistics and languages and fostering active participation in class discussions and maximizing on the use of mobile technological and efficient collaborative networks. I cannot wait to interact with students, aid them in proper dissertation directions and help in configuration of language experiments and linguistic theories.

I understand the new drive at USCU of examining old and defunct languages like Latin and due to my impeccable written and spoken Latin skills and ability to take up new languages, I am ready to start assisting students and faculty members in making this succeed and bring to life languages that have influenced human civilization in a gigantic way.

Before my academic career I worked in film scripting and public relations for diverse companies for 4 years. In 2013 for instance, I helped conceptualized the dialogue of Martian language in the hit Sci-Fi film Outer Lure and handled the PR needs of Gamford College of Languages for two years in both Florida and internationally in the city of Thessalonica and Johannesburg. I believe these skills have helped broaden my perspective on Language and Linguistics in life and enhanced my passion for language learning, teaching and performance and refined my language research skills and methodology.

Attached are my curriculum vitae, reference letters from diverse individuals and companies I have worked with before and research interests, teaching philosophy ideals and statements requested. I look forward to meeting you to discuss your needs and the position as soon as possible. Do contact me through email or phone.

Thank you for your patience, time and consideration.


Lee Harvey

Tips for Writing an Academic Cover Letter

Format: Do use an academic cover letter sample to get the cover letter for academic job right. Ensure the format is like that of a cover letter for a business job and about two pages long compared to just a one page for other non-academic cover letters.

Tailor the letter: Avoid general cover letter capable of being submitted to all academic job openings. Ensure you've tailored the academic cover letter to the post with emphasis on college orientation, research and teaching experience. Ensure your current research interests and credits are stressed upon since recruiters want to see passion for research, enthusiasm and continuity of such.

Application ideals: As most example academic cover letters would show most job postings include the format to be followed in submission of applications. You might be required to mail normally, email or complete application on the institution's portal. Always send your application with only what has been requested. Pay attention to job listings and see how the application needs to be done.

Proofread: More than any other job out there academic cover letters need to be well proofread, grammatical errors rectified, typos dealt with and misspellings checked. You might want to have a professional editor or different set of eyes do the proofreading on your behalf.

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