How to Write a Relocation Cover Letter

When you’re required to relocate the process of job application can be really depressing. Writing a well done relocation cover letter is one way of making sure you get all facts right. It's perfectly important to first identify the place you intend to move into, the type of job opportunities offered in the new location and know clearly what you're looking for. Through relocation cover letter examples you should be able to create the required cover letters and well done resumes, clearly demonstrating your skills to compel hiring managers you deserve an interview very fast.

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Tips for Writing a Relocation Cover Letter

One of the hardest things when it comes to a relocation cover letter is the fact that you need to indicate your willingness to move into the new geographical location to take up the position. Sometimes it might be in another country or continent.

Relocation Cover Letter Sample

Linda Hayt

Johannes Avenue,
Beackon, NY, 8954

August 15, 2018

Mr. Hubrey Tauren,
Hiring Manager,
Waco Tex Advertising,
Gerges, CA-09433

Dear Mr. Tauren,

I am writing in reference to the job advertised in for the Advertising and Brands Executive. With over 8 years’ experience in advertising and brand management, including an internship with AMCO Ltd and a bachelor’s degree in Branding, Marketing and Advertising from New York Manhattan University, I am ready to help you meet your needs and contribute to the growth and brand strength of your company. I comprehend clearly the task at hand and professional expertise needed to carry out the work at hand and convinced that with my experience, skills and abilities I am ready for the work ahead.

Currently, I am located in California and already moving to New York to be closer to my husband who works in New York's Metropolitan Hospital. I will be moving to New York City in 25 days and I will be ready for a face to face meeting thereafter. You can contact me via phone or email to arrange one on one meeting to discuss your needs, the job and my qualifications. I will give your company a call in 7 days to confirm that you received my application.

Thank you so much for your consideration and time.


Linda Hayt

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