How to Write a Referral Cover Letter

One of the best things any job applicant can have is a referral cover letter. Studies have found out that on average a candidate who have been referred takes about 29 days for the individual to be hired in contrast with almost 40 days for candidates who've applied via job lists and postings and 55 or more days via career websites. Sending your resume and cover letter with referral is a huge plus. Here are a number of things you need to have in mind when it comes to crafting a winning cover letter referral application.

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Useful Sample Cover Letter Titles

Mary Hummus
432 Job Street
Mayflower, DA 12345

November 03, 2018

Martin Ramos,
Marketing Manager
GTORS Marketers
987 Marketing Rd.
Sick City, TY 87697

Dear Mr. Ramos,

This letter is a show of interest in the Global Marketing and Operations position published at I have interacted with your commodities for decades and open to the opportunity to talk one on one with you regarding how to boost your sales and brand experience globally by 60% in six months.

Eng. Mark Mathews at Global Freight recommended that I think about the open position and contact you immediately regarding it. We have worked with Mathews before within the global freight and marketing industries for years and he believes Mack 10 Holdings fits my abilities perfectly.

Over 15 years of marketing and branding top agricultural machinery and accessories has offered me the opportunity to understand what is required to boost sales and brand experience globally, exactly what you are looking for as indicated in your job listing.

I have worked with a number of companies especially GTR Machinery, my immediate employer, as a global sales and marketing rep where I was able to raise revenue internationally for the company by 56% in six months and ventured into over 10 nations in three continents. In the last two years I was key in GTR Machinery's success in Europe and Africa with sales bases helping to catapult the revenue exceptionally.

Do take a look at the attached resume for more of my abilities, achievements and experience. I look forward to taking up the position and joining the Mack 10 Holdings team and boosting revenue by over 60% in six months globally. I would love the opportunity to meet you in person to discuss your needs and the open position.

Thank you so much for your patience and kind consideration.


Mary Hummus

How to Mention an Employee Referral

Some mention of a shared connection with the hiring manager or company owner in a cover letter has been found to make lots of difference in ensuring the application has been well noticed by the potential employer. Referral cover letter is also critical at putting the reader of the application at ease as the context of your achievements and background is laid bare. If you're sending a cover letter with referral ensure the connection is mentioned in the first two paragraphs. Do include the name of the person and describe them in a way that the cover letter reader will know them instantly. Do indicate how the connection is known to you and the way the individual understands your suitability for the position and qualifications for the open post.

For instance in the cover letter referral you could mention that "My colleague Georgina Waters recommended that I get in touch with you directly regarding the position. Waters and I have interacted before in the marketing and sales industries for over 5 years and she believes Tire Cats Ltd would be a great fit for my experience and abilities in marketing."

How to Get a Referral

According to surveys on effectiveness of referrals you should think of having one in a cover letter. For instance, ask an insider from the company you hope to join for a referral. Their position really doesn't matter and only the referral and connection really does. In fact, internally referred applicants have a better chance; they've greater chances of fitting the culture of the organization immediately. Do approach employees of the company for a referral before applying for the position. You can also contact the top management, team leaders and executives from the prospective employer for the most effective result. According to studies, top level referrals are 91 percent effective than those of entry-level workers at 53 percent.

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