How to Write a Professional Cover Letter

One of the most important things to get right while applying for a job is the cover letter. Unless you're clearly asked not to send a professional cover letter, always be ready to have one done. It's actually the view of most recruiters that the cover letter is more critical than curriculum vitae or resumes. It offers the reader a look into whom you're in a special way achievements and abilities in a resume do not.

However, writing a professional cover letter isn't the easiest job and can be demanding from the beginning. Even when the job listing indicates cover letter together with the resume is optional, never let the opportunity pass you by. The professional cover letter has diverse things vital in getting you called for the next step in the application process as discussed here.

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Why You Still Need a Cover Letter

It's almost inconceivable that you can submit an application without a professional cover letter. Unless the job listing has expressly indicated no cover letter will be accepted, always draft one even if it's optional. It helps the recruiter and human resource persons to know you fast and connect lots of different facets about your qualifications and suitability for the position.

Just as many professional cover letter examples would show, the cover letter proves to the recruiter that you do know what you're talking about and getting into. As such, the letter should always have specific information relating to the company, job title, position and other details in a particular way.

The cover letter is also the perfect form to show the hiring manager or employer how your experience, skills and qualifications relate to the open position. The resume is very unique but it's the cover letter that actually explains it better. With the document you also have a wonderful chance to show your interest and excitement for the open job in a very interesting and concise way sufficient enough to make the hiring manager want to know more about you by interacting with the resume.

What a Professional Cover Letter Should Contain

Right from the beginning the professional cover letter template will seek to ensure the draft does what is required, from introducing you, mentioning the type of job you're interested in, matching your abilities and skills and what the employer wants as indicated in the job listing. Even from a professional cover letter sample the document seeks to give the hiring manager a reason to read the curriculum vitae or resume enclosed.

An important point many forget when it comes to how to write a professional cover letter is finishing the draft with a call to action, perhaps by requesting that you meet for further discussion face to face. Even so, writing a professional cover letter need to also include other details.

• Address someone: Always ensure there's someone to address and it's never a general lazy letter addressed “to whom it may concern” that indicates to the reader you didn't do due diligence or any research. If you've no idea who to address give the company a call, email or research the person online to find their titles and full names and position. Stick to Ms. for female and Mr. for male followed by the last name once you ascertain their names.

• Study job listing: Do study the job requirements or listing as published and connect your qualifications with what is required. Studying the job listing helps you to generate ideas on what to mention in a professional cover letter.

• Contact and name: Definitely ensure the professional cover letter has your contact information and your name. These details should appear at the top part of the draft.

• Contact's details: Even as you find the person you need to address ensure you've not only the name of the contact, but also their details, such as the position, company name and other contact information.

• Job title: At the beginning of your cover letter ensure the job title as published in the job listing is well captured. Always indicated the name of the position you're interested in, always in the first sentence of the first paragraph.

• Relevant skills: Do remember the letter should briefly summarize your experiences, qualifications and skills in relation to the open job. You can even use bullet points to do this, capturing and answering to as many requirements as possible in the job listing.

• Suitability: Never forget to show suitability for the job once you've indicated your qualifications, skills and experience. Clearly in a concise, interesting and impactful way explain why the qualifications show your suitability for the open position.

• Call to action: Don't finish the letter without a call to action. Ask the hiring manager or reader to interact with your resume. Request that they get in touch with you for further discussion or interview.

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