How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter

You cannot go wrong with the perfect cover letter when making that all critical job application. At times, the prospective employer in the job listing or requirements might ask that no cover letter would be required or accepted. That should really be the only time when you don't consider a cover letter. However, whether the job listing calls the letter optional or not you might want to always submit one with any resume. The worst you can do is refuse to make the most of the perfect cover letter to make the greatest impression possible to the hiring manager or reader way before they've read your resume.

Idea is ensuring my perfect cover letter is personalized to a specific job. That way, the recruiter will understand my seriousness about the job and entices them to take a few seconds to read through the resume and take note of my application. Here are a number of pointers on the perfect cover letter and how you can get it done well.

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Why You Still Need a Cover Letter

Oh yes, you still need a cover letter, perhaps more than ever before. You cannot imagine arriving at the potential employer's institution unaccepted or unannounced. It also goes without saying that resume and curriculum vitae should not be submitted alone and unaccompanied by a cover letter. With the cover letter you've a wonderful chance of introducing yourself well, presenting succinctly and deliciously all your skills and qualifications and showing the hiring manager and the employer, to a huge extent, that you're perfect for the job and every qualification you present is actually what they're after.

The letter is usually very short, concise, interesting to read and bubbling with excitement about the open position, which encourage the recruiter or potential employer to reach for your resume to know more about you. While the document isn't a regurgitation of the resume, it allows you to actually use the skills presented in the resume to show the prospective employer you actually meet their requirements and you're the one they're looking for. My perfect cover letter is well written, interesting to read and offers the reader some flashes of my personality in a manner no resume ever can.

What a Perfect Cover Letter Should Contain

Job details: It might sound almost trivial but as most perfect cover letter examples show you should never forget to mention the title of the job you're interested. It's possible that hiring managers and recruiters handle multiple job applications and without any specification on the one you're applying for your cover letter and application could be thrown into the waste bin. Do mention where you came across the job listing as well.

Personal value: Making the most of an example of perfect cover letter can help you show the recruiter why you're the asset they need. The letter is a perfect chance to strengthen the achievements appearing on your resume with a little bragging also accepted. The draft allows you to show your real value, the diverse assets you're bringing along and their benefit to the company. The idea is highlighting all the relevant skills, expertise and experience the potential employer would be interested in, such as the fact that you worked for 15 years with a direct competitor.

Use their words: Even as you make the most of perfect cover letter examples you might want to think about the phrases and words specifically used by the employer in the job listing or description. To make sure you tell the potential employer what they want to hear and how you actually meet their requirements use the words they've used in the job description. In the description of the requirements the employer is telling you what they need and the best thing is to use the same words and phrases to remain relevant as you indicate why you're the best person for the job.

Get details right: More than anything you need to get the perfect cover letter right from the start. Ensure you know the person to address as you avoid cold and callous ‘to whom it may concern' addresses. Don't forget to have your contact details and name well indicated on the top of the draft. Do remember to indicate the contact's information and their name, from the person you're addressing, name, position and other details. Also remember to incorporate in the cover letter the name of the job being applied for. Do proofread once you're done writing to ensure every phrase flows and the cover letter is brief, highly interesting to read and evokes desire in the reader to interact with your resume.

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