How to Write a Cover Letter for Job Application

Writing a cover letter for job application is one of the most important processes in job application. It can go a long way in convincing the hiring manager that you deserve to be called for an interview. If you aren’t expressly requested not to send a cover letter the rule of the thumb is to always have one ready to help you boost your resume. The following are tips on how to write a cover letter for job, including a cover letter example for job application to help you craft the best.

cover letter for job application

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cover letter for job application cover letter for job application
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Sample Cover Letter for Job Application

Ray Levi
Joy Bridge, NY 09271
 Phone: 595-444-1256

May 22, 20178

Mr. Jonas Matahari
Hiring Manager,
YFM Supplies
13 Goodsview Ave.
Joy Bridge, NY 76271


Re: Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Position
Dear Mr. Matahari,
In the last two months I have been able to accomplish more than I thought I would. I was able to sell over $3.5 million worth of supplies every two weeks.

In the last three months the managers involved in the management of Manipole Greens Stores came up with new performance contracts and requested the team I recruited, trained and improved made up of 10 people to triple the sales of greens and groceries in just a month. Against all odds we were able to accomplish that in two weeks and actually maintained it for over 7 weeks. In the process we broke every sale record in the history of Manipole Greens Stores.

With over 8 years of experience in customer experience, sales and marketing and an avid shopper at YFM Supplies for three years now, I am sure of replicating such intense and groundbreaking record in your supplies franchise as the new Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. Currently, my role has allowed me to successfully and efficiently manage virtually the entire sales and marketing operations, including logistics, customer care relations and inventory multi-faceted control to ensure sufficient availability of goods.
To be more specific I have been able to:

  • Boost profits by $3.5 million every two weeks consecutively for two months amid the uncertainty of the local economy
  • Completely end absenteeism and lethargy at work by 65% through an efficient early attendance and fast completion rewards scheme
  • Cut out enduring relationships with customers, both companies and individuals increasing the return rate by 73%

I am highly gifted in attracting big budget loyal customers and returning individual ones and at home with big responsibilities. Could we agree to meet as soon as possible to discuss how we can boost YFM Supplies sales by 45% in three weeks?

I am available on phone or email. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Ray Levi
 Phone: 595-444-1256

Choose the Best Format of a Cover Letter

When it comes to choosing the best format there’re a number of things to have in mind. A cover letter sample for job application is wonderful way of ensuring you’ve got all the different areas of the letter right and a must use. Formatting begins from the contact and date details, greeting or salutation, paragraphs and closing to the signature.

Date and contact: On how to write a cover letter for a job application that’s not just successful but impactful right away, the date and contact details must be got right. In case the job application submission is online, you don’t need many details except the date, full name and city/state, your phone number and email.  While almost every job application is being completed online, a paper copy might be needed in submission of your application. In that case the example of cover letter for job application to fill will include the date, name and address, city/state/ZIP code, phone number and email. Also included is recruiter’s name, name of company, address of the company, company state/city/Zip code.

Greeting or salutation: There’s no way a letter, even a cover letter template for job application can lack some salutation. Firstly, begin it well by addressing the recruiter or recipient. If the name of the recruiter isn’t provided, find it. Check on the job listing for it, company website or call the company and ask for it indicating that you’re in the process of applying for a position and you want to ensure the proper person has been addressed. Stick with ‘Dear Recruiter/Hiring Manager’ if unable to find their name.

First paragraph: On cover letter format for job application the opening paragraph offers the perfect chance to catch the attention of the reader or recruiter. Ensure your introductions are enthusiastic and indicate the reason for the application. Ensure in each job application cover letter this part is always unique. Even with quality sample cover letter for job application avoid making the first paragraph dreary and formulaic.

Middle paragraphs: After introduction like in cover letter examples for job application get into other critical matters like relevant experience, skills, qualifications that make you suitable for the job. Use one or two paragraphs to connect your former achievements with ability to handle the new role. This is where you make the reader feel in the job cover letter you’re the one they need.

Closing paragraph:  While writing a cover letter for a job the closing is where to thank the reader for their patience, consideration and time. Perhaps as in a job cover letter template you can use it to clarify any matter, such as reasons for gaps in your experience or history of employment. Closing in a resume cover letter is also where all qualifications can be summed up in terms of the open role and show interest in a future interview or next level in the process of recruitment.

Closing and signature: stick to a cover letter model that’s formal and friendly with your last or first name, such as ‘thank you, sincerely, respectfully, regards, thank you for kind consideration’ among others.

Tips to Writing a Cover Letter

Font: Don’t forget formatting, especially the font could hold the key to how to sell yourself in a cover letter. Stick to a professional yet simple font such Verdana, Calibri or Arial among others avoiding decorative, shouting and fancy ones.  10-12 point sizes are fine to make reading easy.
Spacing: Note that in a cover letter draft spacing is highly important. Ensure whitespace appear in the proper sections to help the reader run through the letter fast. Always ensure its single spaced and that between two sections there’s some space; e.g. space between complimentary close and last paragraph.
Length: Ensure the cover letter fits in one page of about three paragraphs tops. An additional middle paragraph could be added where necessary, but you need to know whether the most critical details could be communicated in lesser paragraphs.
Margins: Go with one-inch margins throughout with left text alignment. Where necessary and to avoid letter spill offs in the next page, shrink your margins to a half or three quarters and not any smaller to avoid squelching the draft onto the next page.

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