How to Begin a Cover Letter

You probably are wondering how to start a cover letter strongly and maintain the attention of the recipient and compel them to read every word and sentence and get influenced to do something more like calling you for a future interview. Your cover letter setup could actually have a bearing on how the hiring manager will react to the content. Here's how to begin a cover letter strongly and effectively to grab the attention of the recruiter right away.

how to start a cover letter

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What Parts Conclude in the Opening of a Cover Letter

The cover letter opening is important considering it carries very critical information about the writer. Parts that must be there include:e position requires and the potential boss might think you lack experience or cheap. They mightn't also like the indicated salary expectation.

How to Write the First Sentence of Cover Letter (with Examples)

When it comes to how to begin a cover letter effectively to efficiently capture the attention of the prospective recipient you can try a number of ways to stand out immediately.

How to Write the Opening Paragraph (with Samples)

In the cover letter opening paragraph if you don't hook up the hiring manager or potential employer immediately you're virtually done. The best way on how to begin a cover letter is including that specific thing any recruiter is almost on the lookout for. These can be a fact you understand about their organization, the biggest need of the organization, the name of the manager and other facts showing you're capable of adding value or helping the organization.


Dear Misty,

I was very excited to see the software manager's position opening as a longtime certified software user, creator and manager. With my 12-year experience helping startups increase their software profits by 65% and dropping costs by 40% I am ready to help with GKL Software Ltd.'s current challenges with reducing profits and rising overheads as I have done before in the last one decade.

You can also begin with the needs of the company or potential employer by rereading the job listing and come up with the glaring need hard to miss.


Dear Mr. Jonas, I am very excited Mercury Steps is looking for a Sales Coordinator with experience in driving sales and efficient marketing for online student software. With my experience boosting sales by an average 63% for Happystar Marketers and Genopy Calligers in the last 8 years through creative management and clear sales strategies, I believe I am a perfect fit.

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