How to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

Hiring managers have very little time to read cover letters. With only seconds to determine whether your application is what they're looking for ensuring your cover letter stands out is critical. You can learn how to make your cover letter stand out easily and fast. The following are strategies on how to come up with an attention grabbing cover letter that sticks out above the rest.

how to make your cover letter stand out

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Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Awesome and Unique

Consider the type of draft: Cover letters are different depending on the kind of application you're making. You could be writing to inquire about open vacancies, submitting hand in hand with your resume or other. To write a cover letter that really stands out, do have in mind the type that you want.

Mention what recruiter is looking out for: You might have a wonderful resume with lots of experience and achievements that could get you the job easily but mentioning them wrongly could cost you. The idea is ensuring such accomplishments as advanced skills, relevant prizes and awards, leadership positions, accomplishments are the first thing the recruiter reads. Rather than read something like “this is a show of interest in the open Operations Manager position” you could say “I believe my 15-year experience managing operations, employees and payroll for two Fortune 500 companies make me the right candidate for the Operations Manager position”. If you've no idea what kind of achievements you need to include read the job listing and begin proving that you meet the position's requirement, keeping the reader interested all through.

Avoid regurgitation: Ensuring you write cover letters that stand out is as easy as avoiding the temptation and laziness to keep on regurgitating the same type of information appearing on your resume. Do go ahead and ensure the details on the cover letter actually build those on the resume and complement them. Simply ensure the cover letter tackles the conspicuous high points that shouldn't be forgotten and offers a wholesome picture of yourself to the prospective boss and how you meet the needs of the position.

Go with statistics: An awesome cover letter hard to put down that grabs the attention of the reader incorporates stats as much as possible. Stats help to portray in the mind of the reader your effectiveness in your trade and impact on past employers. Any employer is always on the lookout for numbers and using stats actually allow you to write your cover letter in the language they love to read. For instance, rather than say you “exceeded projected sales in the last three years” among other things, you could say “in the last three years I have exceeded expected sales projections by not less than 67% every year which was about 5% of the entire annual company gross profit”. Do ensure the cover letter actually shows through stats that you made a significant mark in previous positions.

Let your strengths shine differently: Avoid using common terms such as people-person, outgoing or team player as much as possible. They may be fine but will be so overused by other applicants the recruiter will be probably tired of reading them by the tenth cover letter they look at. The idea is making the most of descriptive statements that display specific skills. The unique cover letter can include statement such as “I am an excellent marketer with 5 year experience in selling generic ironware selling to big brands, institutions and high-end clients, which actually translated to half the total company sales turnover”. It might look longer but more effective, memorable and stronger. Where you displayed a specific skill use descriptive statements to show it happened rather than merely that it happened without further details.

Address contact person: The worst thing you can do is refer the cover letter to nobody in particular with general greetings such as to “to whom it may concern” or “dear sir/madam”. Do due diligence and find a person to address in the cover letter. Personalize the draft to the person. Following up the application will be easy and more than anything else you're sure it will be delivered to a particular person who will read it.

Select readable professional fonts: Avoid using fonts that show informality or unprofessional. Reading through should be easy, such as Calibri, Arial or New Roman fonts.

Enhance readability: One way of improving readability is ensuring the cover letter actually has white spaces on the page. Since it should be short and no more than two pages if too long, white spaces allow recruiter to read it with ease where information is not cramped up together.

Revise your cover letter: To stand out you must really ensure your cover letter doesn't have grammatical mistakes, typos and other spelling errors. Proofread on your own or find another set of eyes to read through, highlighting errors.

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