Simple Guide on How to End a Cover Letter

In each and every part of a cover letter if not properly and strategically done grabbing the attention of the recruiter or recipient can be a tall order. Learning how to end a cover letter can lay the foundation for a future interview very well. Here are a number of things on how to finish a cover letter with tips and examples to help you write an attention grabber instantly.

how to end a cover letter

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What Parts Included in the Ending

It's worth knowing how to end cover letter with impact and even leave the reader desiring to know more about you. To accomplish this you need to note a few things.

How to End a Cover Letter with Samples of Different Types

Signing off with the most impactful and memorable closing for your cover letter can be the beginning of great things. You can do this in a number of ways:

Closing Salutation Dos and Don'ts

On the cover letter conclusion it's important to note a few things.

Avoid passive closing: It's important to avoid requesting the recruiter or cover letter reader to give you a call. Rather say something like "I will get in touch in three days to answer any queries you might have. Even so, do reach me via (email) or (phone number)".

Don't be rude: Always thank the recruiter or letter reader for taking time to read it with something like, "thank you for your patience and consideration".

Do add contact: Always ensure you've indicated your phone number or email or both with your closing remarks. It's highly effective, especially if you've written a killer cover letter that has compelled the reader you deserve a call immediately or as soon as possible.

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