Tips on How to Address a Cover Letter

One of the most important things when applying for a job is ensuring you've a well written cover letter. It can take you places and even convince the reader you need to be invited for a future interview or face-to-face meeting. Whatever job you're applying for the following tips on how to address a cover letter will help you write a convincing and highly successful letter.

how to address a cover letter

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Who to Address Cover Letter to

When writing an effective letter to accompany your resume in any application who to address cover letter to is of critical importance. The important thing in all these is ensuring you've customized the letter as much as possible, especially the greeting. However, at times you might not know how to address cover letter to the right person, particularly for job listings where the hiring manager's name hasn't been indicated.

You might decide to go with 'dear sir or madam cover letter' or 'to whom it may concern'. Nonetheless, it's the view of resume and career advice professionals that whether you know the hiring manager or not addressing a cover letter with an opener that's largely impersonal could work against you. You should avoid being lazy and do a little research online and offline to ensure the greeting is properly done as expected.

Firstly, it's critical to ensure the job description has been read carefully. At times it's not that more details aren't provided it's just that we're not sufficiently keen. You can use Control + F to search the entire job posting with the email (@) symbol and uncover any email address that might hide the information you want, such as the name of the hiring manager.

When it comes to searching for the cover letter name to include take a peek at the email address provided, especially when the person's name hasn't been provided. In many email addresses the hiring manager's names could be either one name with some initial after or before. Simply take the information provided and do a quick Google search together with company name and you might easily get to know more about the recruiter, their full name, gender and more.

You can also check the person who published the job listing to get cover letter name part right. For instance, if it's LinkedIn, chances are the publisher of the job listing is the hiring manager. Research them further to see whether this is right.

Getting cover letter names right at times is as easy as checking whom the position reports to. Even if the individual's name is not provided, simply do a quick advanced online search on the company, even in LinkedIn wherever possible and know the person you need to address. You can also call the company and ask for the title, name and other details about the hiring manager to address them properly.

How to Address a Cover Letter

a. By job title of the contact person

It's possible after carrying out some research on the hiring manager that name might still be unclear. In such a case address the cover letter without name by using the contact person's job title. It shows you indeed took some time to read the job listing and tailored the salutation properly. Know the department in the company the job listing is part of and person the position reports to. Go for 'dear department head', 'dear marketing department', 'dear company such and such team', 'to the head of finance', 'dear company ABC hiring manager' and 'dear customer experience manager' among others.

b. Without name/without contact person

When it comes to how to address a cover letter without a contact person it's always important to carry out some research on the recruiter's name. If you can address the person specifically it adds some weight about you. Find recruiter's name by rereading job listing and painstakingly searching for the company website, LinkedIn details and other social networking professional sites or simply doing effective Google search. Do call the company too to find the hiring manager's name indicating that you don't want to send cover letter with no name. Also rather than send cover letter to unknown person email the company for the details.

c. Knowing the name

There's no better way of completing your cover letter when you know the name than addressing the recruiter directly. Do send cover letter if you know the name well addressed. When you know the gender and name of the one to address the letter to ensure you've used the proper title. For instance, if you know more about the hiring manager, such as he/she is a professor, Ph.D holder, sergeant, reverend among others use the title rather than a mere 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.' For instance you can use Sgt., Rev, Dr. or Prof so and so, among others.

d. Doesn't know the gender

When you've no idea about the gender of the person but know their name and you don't want to address the cover letter to unknown gender use 'Dear' and then add the last or first name. It's a much safer option, such as 'Dear Tuc Giza' or 'Dear Liva Atkins'.

e. What title to use

When you've no idea about the title of the person to address the cover letter to safely go with 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.' However, if you know the individual actually holds some title, such as academic or other, use it; most consider it heavily respectful. For instance you can use “Dr. McCain (PhD. Holder)”, “Sgt. Riva”, “Rev. Michelangelo”, among others.

Writing Tips and Rules to Address a Cover Letter

Formal salutation: Unless you really understand the organization's easy and casual culture always stick to the salutation and full name; for example 'Ms. Ritchie Jones' or 'Mr. Benton Michaels'.

Know when to go with department head: If you're completely unable to know the recruiter's name even with extensive searches, calls to the company and emails that remain unanswered address the head of the section or department where the open position belongs. It shows the effort and time you put to finding the head of the department.

No matter what be specific: Even if finding the person to address cover letter is a tall order, be as specific as you can. Even with no name provided write to show you actually are addressing a precise audience, such as 'To Head of Hiring and Recruitment', 'Senior Recruiter', among others.

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