How Long Should a Cover Letter Be

During the job application process, writing a cover letter is expected. You need to come up with a compelling reason why you're the perfect person for the job by elaborating how the skills, qualifications and accomplishments in the resume make you the candidate they're searching for. Unless the job listing clearly deters you from sending one, always draft a cover letter. Even so, the question always arises how long should a cover letter be and how long is too long. To get your cover letter writing right here are a number of things you might want to have in mind.

how long should a cover letter be

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Factors That Determine Length of Cover Letter

Of course, it's important to know how long should a cover letter be to get it right from the start. Note that most potential employers expect you to submit cover letter with your application. Sometimes the employer can leave you to make the decision whether to submit one or not. In any case, whether optional or not, a cover letter improves chances of landing the job than you would if you just submitted the resume alone.

So how long a cover letter should you write? For most people, the confusion is on whether the cover letter should be made to fit a single page or more than that. Since the attention isn't to bore the reader with another lengthy document in the midst of hundreds of other cover letters, sticking to a single page is perfect. Just ensure that no matter the cover letter length you've been able to highlight the most critical and relevant qualifications related to the open job and exactly what you intend to provide the company offered the chance.

When you've to contend with length, always know that shorter is very important in cover letter writing. In a study, employers loved a half page cover letter better at 43.7 percent, with 12.6 percent preferring a single full page, 19.5 percent had no preference while 24.1 percent indicated that the shorter the letter the better. No matter what you think the best length to go with is, always ask yourself whether the draft you've written has made a compelling case that you're perfect for the open position without any regurgitation of your resume information word for word.

At times, the letter can be longer than a mere page. Do find ways of editing the page without losing its punchy taste. The shorter, interesting and memorable the cover letter the more the recruiter will be interested.

What Really Counts in a Cover Letter?

A number of things really count when it comes to cover letter length. These include:

Sample Cover Letter Format

Even as you think about the length of cover letter different section need to be covered:

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