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Some jobs today are very sensitive and important. An example of such is being a firefighter. This professional is responsible for fighting fires, saving people and property and also ensuring that fiery catastrophes do not happen again. This job is more of a calling than a vocation. If you are inclined towards it, you can become a firefighter by making an application through a firefighter cover letter. Here is how to do this.

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A Firefighter Cover Letter Example

Otile Jackson
New York, NY 80912
Phone: 403-567-9067

October 20, 2018

Mr. Seliman Galicia
Fire Chief,
Bedford-Stuyvesant Fire House.
80 Char Street
New York, NY 80912

Re: Firefighter Position

Dear Mr. Galicia,

It is an honor to present you with my application for the Firefighter position in your establishment. I have more than 7 years of experience in this role. I have completed all the required formal and practical education for firefighting. I have also added some Information Technology (IT) knowledge so as to stay relevant in today's environment. As such, I am well-rounded and capable of being an effective firefighter in your fire house.

Throughout the length of my career, I have provided firefighting services to a large number of facilities. I have also fulfilled a wide collection of roles in this industry. I have been a messenger, an instructor, a community outreach supervisor, a fitness instructor and now a firefighter. Thanks to my diverse professional background, I have a comprehensive and universal understanding of the firefighting landscape.

In my career, I have developed a wide range of skills. I am hard working, diligent and focused on my job. I am fit and enjoy engaging in fitness activity on a regular basis. I maintain focus on the little details. That's because I understand that they play a substantial role in the bigger picture. My sense of teamwork is quite developed. As a result, I can interact with other firefighting professionals in a conducive and positive way. My reflexes are razor sharp and I am always ready to respond to a fire alarm.

An opportunity to work in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Fire House is a great chance for me to learn more about this industry. I would be humbled and very grateful to be invited for an interview session. During this meeting, I would also take the opportunity to find out what you expect from this type of professional. I appreciate the chance to write an application and hope to hear from you soon.


Otile Jackson
New York, NY 80912
Phone: 403-567-9067

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of a Firefighter Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of a firefighter cover letter is very important. This is because it allows you to introduce yourself to the potential employer in a professional way. Here, you can indicate the exact position that you are interested in filling. You can also give an overview of your experience and skills as well. Also, proceed to indicate your achievements in this section of the letter. Any other relevant recommendations can also be expressed in the first paragraph. Doing this gives you an opportunity to present an excellent first impression to your potential employer. Essentially, the first paragraph is for putting your best professional foot forward.

How to Write the Main Body of a Firefighter Cover Letter

The main body of the cover letter gives you a chance to elaborate on the facts that you stated in the first paragraph. Here, you can indicate your experience in a deeper way. You can express the roles which you took and the companies that you have worked in. You can also indicate the specific skills and knowledge that you gained while working in these positions. If you were able to be a part of some professional, collective effort, you can indicate this in the main body.

Proceed to express how the skills that you have achieved will assist you in the position that you’re applying for. By doing this, you are able to show initiative. You can also indicate the roles that you played in the collective activities of your firm. While doing so, indicate your strategic skill which came in handy. This is a great way to build a solid professional profile in your cover letter.

How to End a Firefighter Cover Letter

The ending of a Firefighter cover letter is a very important section. Here you can indicate your enthusiasm for the specific position that you are applying for. You can also show that you look forward to an interview. Proceed to explain that you would love to learn the expectations of the potential employer of a professional in this position.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Firefighter Cover Letter

It is important to ensure that your cover letter has the correct format and content. You can do so by referring to firefighter cover letter examples. This resource acts as a guide which you can follow to achieve the right structure. You can download one from the Internet and use it to boost your chances of getting hired!

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