What is the Right Email Cover Letter Format

The email cover letter format is hardly different from the way you write any other cover letter. Salutations to formal closing, among others must all be included. Getting the format right has everything to do with paying attention to the job opening itself, what's required and what must be included. The following cover letter email format, sample and tips will help you get started right way. It also helps the recruiter to manage applications well and identify your applications well and fast if need be.

email cover letter format

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email cover letter format email cover letter format
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What is the Right Email Cover Letter Format

Subject: On the subject line it's important to have the full title of the job being applied for to inform the recipient of the email cover letter the position you're interested in.

Salutation: Do include normal salutation starting with "Dear" followed by the title (Mr. /Ms.) and the last name of the person. You can also just say "Dear Recruiter/Hiring Manager" or equivalent where the contact person is not easily identified. One you've written the name of the contact person add a colon or comma before skipping a line to fully embark on the content of the email body.

Body: The email cover letter format also includes the body where you allow the reader know the position being applied for, the reason you're an applicant who deserves a future interview and details related to follow-up if any. Also include first and middle paragraphs as well as the closing. On the first paragraph, add details on the reason why you're applying for the position not forgetting to mention the job being applied for and information on how you came across the job. Where a person referred you to the job this is the section where you mention this. Middle paragraphs include information on exactly what the employer should expect from you. It's also where you ensure your abilities, experience and qualifications are matched with the job requirements. Include skills and achievements that match the open position. For each mention of an ability or skill strengthen it with an example from your past job.

Conclusion: Where the resume has been attached indicate this in the conclusion, including any information on follow-up and probably how you intend to accomplish this. Thank the reader too for the time and consideration for the open job.

Formal closing: Ensure a formal sign-off is included such as 'Sincerely' or 'Kind Regards'. Once the complimentary close is done add your name after skipping some space.

Signature: For the signature part in the cover letter email format include name, complete address, email address and phone digits. If you've a LinkedIn Profile this is also where to add the URL to the profile.

Email Cover Letter Example

Subject: Sales Manager-Gregory Hinks

Dear Mr. Langstrong,

This application is in response to the open Sales Manager Position at Hacourt Industries appearing on hrdailyjob.org. Julia Hill recommended that I apply for the position and direct the letter at you. We have been meeting in sales conferences and trainings for over five years now and believe the open position will be perfect for me.

I worked under the CEO at Hacourt Industries where I was inculcated in sales promotional metrics and ideas increasing the company sales by over 22% in two weeks and a steady 35% over the last five years. As a result, my previous employer was able to hit overall sales increases by over 45% even in low sales seasons. Considering the growth pattern of Toppels Enterprises and market share, including my sales experience in boosting sales growth among others, I believe becoming a member of the team will actually allow us to transform your company sales and growth prospects.

Would you be interested in boosting overall sales by 30% in two weeks? Do get in touch to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and the position at length. Do find my resume attached with the required references. I will call in three days to offer you any extra details you might require.

Thank you for your consideration and time.


Gregory Hinks
743 Blue Monk
Millstown, USA 22344

Tips to Write an Email Cover Letter with Right Format

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