A Simple Guide for Proper Cover Letter Spacing

A cover letter is an important official letter. It expresses your interest in a specific job opportunity. You may have seen the opening in the newspaper, online or in a job notice board. The cover letter helps you to explain your skills, experience and other details not indicated in your Curriculum Vitae (CV). For it to be effective, this letter needs to have the required format. This means that the cover letter spacing needs to be correct. Here is more on this.

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Proper Spacing for a Cover Letter

When writing this document, you should always ensure that the line spacing for cover letter is correctly done. This refers to the demarcation between one line and the next. It also refers to other spaces such as the margin and indentation. This spacing needs to be correctly performed whether you are writing a typed or a written letter. It also needs to be accurately done even in a cover letter that is sent by email. Here are some guidelines on proper spacing for a cover letter.

There should be a space between your address and the date. The heading and salutation should also be separated by a space. Between your paragraphs, there should be some spaces as well. This should be a single-line space in each case. The final paragraph and your closing statement should also be separated by a space. Furthermore, a typed cover letter should contain your official, hand-written signature as well as a typed one right at the bottom.

If you are sending your cover letter through email, it is important to leave some spacing for cover letter after your signature. Your contact information comes afterwards. While writing a cover letter, you should remember that it needs to be only one page long or less. It should be legible. This means that you should use a clearly visible font such as Times New Roman or Calibri to write it. The font characters should also be sized between 10 and 12. Last but not least, the content of your cover letter should be aligned to the left.

Real Cover Letter Sample with Proper Spacing

Johnny Stalinski
Maryland, MD 56701
Phone: 560-671-0089
Email: stalinskij@gmail.com

October 10, 2018

Ms. Helen Schumacher
Hiring Manager
iConnect Distributors Ltd,
89 Fiduciary Street.
Maryland, MD 56701

Re: Sales Coordinator Position

Dear Ms. Schumacher,

It is with great interest and enthusiasm that I am submitting my application for the position of Sales Coordinator in your company. I have been a professional in this administrative capacity for more than 10 years and possess a combination of skills and qualifications that will make me a valued asset to your company.

I have built my career in a variety of roles in various companies. Throughout my professional experience, I wore many hats and sincerely enjoyed every single one. Personally, I enjoy working in an environment where no two days are alike.

In addition to being quite versatile, I pay attention to detail. I am always seeking to improve the accuracy of my work and deliver top results. One of my main objectives is to ensure that all the elements of a project or a task are perfect. Despite constantly keeping my focus on the bigger picture, I also take the time to respond to less substantial goals. This is because I understand that the little achievements contribute greatly to the final result.

In closing, I am excited by the possibility of working in your company. I would be very grateful to meet with you and identify the specific value that I can add to your organization. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


Johnny Stalinski
Maryland, MD 56701
Phone: 560-671-0089
Email: stalinskij@gmail.com

Tips to Format Your Cover Letter

The first paragraph should contain information about why you are applying for that particular job. Here, you need to indicate if you are applying in response to a posted job or writing a networking letter.

In the second paragraph, indicate the skills, knowledge and experience that you have to offer. Refer to the required qualifications and indicate how your specific skill-set relates to them. Show what you can offer the potential employer.

The third paragraph should cover details about your personal contacts and how the potential employer can reach you. Here, you need to indicate elements such as your phone number and email address. Show that you are ready to meet the potential employer at a mutually convenient time. Remember to review your letter and ensure that the cover letter format spacing is done properly.

If the potential employer’s phone number is accessible to you, make a point of calling them after you submit the cover letter. In the conversation, indicate that you are following up on whether your application cover letter was received along with its accompanying documents.

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