How to Write a Cover Letter Salutation

While writing a cover letter it's important to know what the hiring manager or recruiter will see first. In this case it's the salutation, which is very critical to ensure you not only show some much needed respect, but also a little familiarity without going overboard. Knowing how to draft the cover letter salutation could break or make your application. Here are a number of things you might want to have in mind when approaching the cover letter greeting.

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Different Types of Salutations in Cover Letter

There are a number of ways of approaching cover letter salutations. Here are a number of ways.

You know the contact person: When you know the contact person or individual you'll be addressing in the cover letter drafting your greeting won't be hard. Appropriate ways of doing it exist. It's also the easiest salutation to write considering the contact's name is known, such as 'Dear Mr. Michaels', 'Dear Ms. Bettany', 'Dear Mikey Joey', 'Dear Dr. Winston', and 'Dear Professor Warhead' among others. Ensure salutation follows a comma or colon followed by the cover letter's first paragraph, such as:

Dear Mr. Hampstead:

(cover letter first paragraph).

Contact person unknown: Most job listings don't usually come with a contact person, especially where hiring is done by a team or group of people. As such, the recruiter is usually left anonymous up until the time an applicant is contacted for a future interview. Also, where the company anticipates lots of applications they might want to avoid overwhelming the recruiter with huge number of phone calls, emails and letters from prospective applicants. If you don't have a contact person to address you can write cover letter without salutation by beginning with the first cover letter paragraph. Another way of doing the cover letter salutation is going for general salutations and ensuring the nouns are capitalized. General salutations include 'Dear ABG Company Recruiter', 'Dear Sir/Madam', 'Dear Hiring Manager', 'Dear HR Manager', 'Dear Recruiter' or 'Whom It May Concern' among others. Punctuate general salutation properly, such as:

Dear ABG Company Recruiter,

(cover letter first paragraph).

To Whom It May Concern: You can use this salutation for cover letter only when you've no information about the person you need to address. However, the first thing that comes to the mind of the hiring manager when they see this salutation is how uncaring the job applicant is. It should never be used unless all other possible salutations are unavailable and no effort to find the contact person's name has yielded fruit.

Hi/Hello: It's important to avoid using 'Hi' or 'Hello' in your cover letter correspondence unless in personal email communications. You can however use them if you know the recipient well. Note that these salutations are heavily informal and might come out as unprofessional to the reader. 'Hello' is perfect for email correspondence and casual circumstances at times. 'Hi' is great only for that person you know a bit well.

Writing Tips about How to Write Cover Letter Salutations

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