The Right Cover Letter Format in 2018

One of the most important things when it comes to the job application process is ensuring you've crafted a well written, concise, interesting to read, bubbly cover letter, well proofread and one that brings your resume to life. It should make the reader just want to read the resume or even call you for a future meeting to discuss the position.

However, drafting isn't the only important thing here. The cover letter format is a very critical component of the writing process. Note that the cover letter is exactly how you interact for the first time with the hiring manager or the prospective employer. First impressions are everything and you must ensure the cover letter format you use actually puts your best leg forward. It should be truthful, easy to read, concise, brief with all the required information. To help you with cover letter formatting read on to write the most impressionable draft that will make sure the reader doesn't forget you no matter what.

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Format of a Cover Letter and Tips

The cover letter format is the way the document comes into life. The one-page document might not be as lengthy as a resume or curriculum vitae but it should leave the most impactful impression on the reader. The structure of the letter can be broken into a number of sections:

• Greeting: Make the most of cover letter format examples to understand how to write it. Even so, the structure includes a greeting, which basically means the cover letter must address a specific individual and the right person while at it.

• Letter opening: Every sample cover letter format out there makes a case for the opening. While composing your draft do ensure the opening paragraph is highly personable; impress upon the mind of the reader how your qualifications make you the perfect person for the open position while showing your enthusiasm for the open job.

• Attention grabber: Here's where the hook comes in, which is exactly why the cover letter must never be a regurgitation of the resume. By highlighting previous accomplishments in the industry and relating them to the open vacancy as per the job listing and requirements make a case why previous successes make you the best candidate.

• Skills: Even with the most striking cover letter formatting you should aim at stressing on your skills. Do emphasize on extra skills you might have that the job also requires, such as certifications, licenses and computer related programs.

• Closing: The cover letter format also includes a closing. It's exactly where you're able to recap on a number of things including strengths, inviting reader to interact with your curriculum vitae, requesting a future meeting, indicating your willingness to follow-up, highlighting your reachability via phone, email and other ways where possible and thanking the reader for their time and consideration.

It's not just the structure or what appears where in the cover letter format. For an effective cover letter that can open doors for you do also remember the following:

• Customization: Never send the same type of cover letter to all your job applications and expect wonders to happen. Always customize each draft to meet the needs of each and every application. Every job is special and should be treated so with a unique cover letter. You can use keywords appearing on the job requirement or description and use them in the entire cover letter.

• Adapt cover letter: Every skill and experience you put across following the right cover letter format should show how they will transform the team or company. In the cover letter, you're not the star and you're not there to display your needs or speak about yourself but how your achievements will help the company accomplish its needs. It's all about ensuring the employer buys into you while quietly selling yourself.

• Show initiative: Do some research into the company and their needs and demonstrate that you actually care about helping meet their needs and that you actually took time to research the company. In the process you'll be presenting everything about yourself as the solution the recruiter is after. Ask yourself how, through your skills, experience and qualifications you can be of help to the organization.

Fonts, Margins and Paper

It's important to ensure the cover letter format you use actually blends with the resume cover letter format. Even so, it must professional enough.

• Fonts: While thinking about cover letter format for job do pay attention to the font. You definitely want the employer to easily read what you've written and not to ignore your application because the tracking software used by the employer could not decipher anything from the font used. You'll never go wrong with classic fonts such as Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, Century Gothic, Verdana, and Gill Sans MT among others blending both clarity and perfect style. Font size should be around 10.6-12 points.

• Spacing and margins: Whatever you do avoid adjusting margins to add more information into the cover letter page. It might print perfectly on your side, but leave out critical parts in the recruiter's printer. You'll never wrong with one-inch margins on all sides.

• Paper: If you must submit cover letter physically it helps to use a paper that shows your professionalism and never too way over the top. For professional, quality and superb paper go with 24lb weight rated paper. For watermarked printing paper ensure it faces the proper way in relation to the cover letter. Do pay attention to the color by choosing neutrals and definitely white. Even light gray, ivory, cream and off-whites can be professional enough to be accepted. Do ensure the paper is about 8 ½ x 11 inches (especially for those in the United States and 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches elsewhere as per the standard put by the International Standards Organization).

Even so, the type of cover letter format you decide to stick with including fonts, margins and page size ensure all the information fits perfectly on one single page without appearing crowded.

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