How to Write a Cover Letter for Promotion

It's not every day that you get the chance to make a formal application for a promotion. If you believe your employer or management are considering you for a promotion never underestimate the effect of a cover letter. A cover letter for promotion can go a long way in ensuring you make the most compelling case for the position. On the other hand, it's never easy to write a promotion cover, considering you're actually applying for a position within the company. Applying for promotion cover letter sample help, including tips to aid you in getting the draft done accordingly can go a long way. Here is a sample and tips to get you started.

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Sample Proposal Cover Letter

Dawkins Knight
098 Job Avenue
Mayfair, CA43212

October 23 2018

Janet Fisher
Manager, Operations
GHT Resellers
657 Daystar Rd.
Commerce Town, MI 84321

Dear Ms. Fisher,

This is a formal application for the Deputy Customer Care Manager position within the Sales and Marketing section. As you might already know, I have been working at GHT Resellers for 6 years since I joined your team for a three-month internship before my graduation from college in 2012.

Within that time I have been advancing progressively into different open positions in both operations and sales departments. Over the years my writing, customer relations and editing skills have been developing, which has aided me in the implementation of some of the most impactful communications in my current department.

My ability and willingness to work with diverse leaders within different departments, business units and different business lines has been well demonstrated as it has earned me great scores as my supervisors will attest and annual performance metrics will show.

I have also been involved heavily with customer experience, marketing, sales and communication specific strategies, including connecting with vendors, clientele and company partners to make sure every project has been well done and superbly completed.

These are some of my contributions and achievements at GHT Resellers. Do get more information from the attached resume including a feel of my dedication to the company. I believe I have the skills, ability and experience to accomplish different needs of the company and requirements of the Deputy Customer Care Manager position.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss the needs of the position and how to effectively make GHT Resellers customer experience the best at the earliest opportunity. In case you desire extra information I will gladly provide it whenever required.


Dawkins Knight

Writing Tips to Remember when Preparing a Cover Letter for Promotion

Connect current position and the open position: Right off you need to make the most of a promotion cover letter template to get everything right. The idea is ensuring the reader actually gets to know how the current position you occupy has been preparing you to handle significant responsibilities such as those of the vacant position. You can include a summary description of clear transferrable abilities and duties showing clearly how your career aims, experience and skill set make you the perfect match for the new job.

Customize: Get a quality cover letter for promotion sample and tailor it to the promotion application. Do use past projects and previous experiences successfully completed before and easily relate them to the open position. Do remember to include examples, measurable outcomes and clear information in making a case for yourself. Show initiative, ability to give great results and drive to attract the hiring manager's interest.

Display impact: As you would notice in cover letter for promotion examples, using good samples can help you indicate how you've been making impact in the company. Do mention instances when this happened and your collaboration with colleagues wherever possible. In case there was an instance where you worked with your colleagues to solve a particular major problem or issue describe it to showcase to the hiring manager or addressee your problem solving skills. It helps to indicate you're capable of getting things done without a problem.

Impactful referral: You definitely know a coworker, supervisor or manager whom you can use to make a case for the position. It'll help the hiring manager or addressee to believe that you’re suitable for the position. In fact, there's no better person to help confirm and give weight to your previous accomplishments than a referral, including dedication to your work, skills and ethics. If you've a referral in mind do mention them at the beginning of the cover letter.

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