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Students in college or university often have to get some practical experience in their fields of study before they graduate. They are able to get it through an internship. This is a job attachment where they work while learning the real world operations of their chosen career path. For them to get an internship in the companies that they idolize, the students have to write an internship cover letter. This is a letter expressing an official plea for work and study opportunity. The cover letter for an internship is concise and detailed. Here is more on how they accomplish this.

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Sample Cover Letter for Internship

Jenny Holliman
New York, NY 50089
Phone: 718-451-6007

October 12, 2018

Ms. Stella Hannigan
Chief Investment Strategist
JP Morgan Chase Bank,
New York, NY 50089

Re: Investment Advisor Internship Position

Dear Ms. Hannigan,

I am humbly honored to submit my application for the Investment Advisor Internship position in your bank. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration at the New York University. Currently, I am in my Senior year specializing in Money Markets and Wealth Management. I am hoping to secure an internship with your financial institution for the next 3 months. During this period, I hope to learn from one of the market-making, highly secure and top performing banks in the nation. Your positive reputation at JP Morgan Chase Bank precedes you and I would be grateful to learn from your best and brightest.

I have completed courses and practical assessments in the use of technology for the management of money today. I have also participated in a variety of investment-related competitions in my university. For 3 out of the 5 competitions that I participated in, I emerged the top investor. As a result, I have received accolades such as the New York University Top Young Investor Award and the Young Stars in Finance Award. Thanks to the knowledge and skills that I accumulated during these competitions, I am confident of providing assistance and being of some value to your great financial institution.

An opportunity to work and learn in the JP Morgan Chase Bank would be an ideal chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills that are not taught in formal school environments. I have attached my resume herein. Furthermore, I would be immensely grateful to have a meeting and exchange some details about the specific responsibilities that I can assist with in your bank. I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with this application. I also hope to hear from you soon.


Jamal Drewford
Michigan, MI 30045
Phone: 312-607-0091

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of a Cover Letter for Internship

The opening paragraph of a cover letter for internship should have a few important elements. It should indicate the sort of internship position that you want. It should also have details about the program that you are pursuing in your current academic institution. In addition to that, it should indicate the length of time that you hope to be in the internship position.

The main reason why you have chosen that particular institution should also be indicated in the cover letter. These details allow the potential employer to get a clear, comprehensive picture of you, what you want and what you have to offer.

How to Write the Main Body of a Cover Letter for Internship

The main body of a cover letter internship position should have a number of important details. Make sure to indicate your current capabilities. Proudly explain any achievements or awards that you have won so far.

If possible, quote any professionals in a relevant field who have given positive reviews about you. If you can attach tangible evidence of these achievements, go ahead and do so. These steps make it possible for the potential employer to have confidence in you.

How to End a Cover Letter for Internship

An internship cover letter ends in a way that indicates your interest in an internship position at your firm of choice. Here, you should insert a plea to work and learn in the firm that you have approached. Indicate the specific sector that you want to work in. Furthermore, make sure to show what you expect to learn and express that any more beneficial information is most welcome.

Insert some lines which show that you are interested in receiving some response from the firm that you have requested. By showing this courtesy and enthusiasm, you can increase the chances of receiving an internship.

Other Writing Tips to Make a Cover Letter for Internship

Make sure to follow the correct cover letter format which is acceptable in your industry. You can refer to an example of cover letter for internship to get it right. This will show that you are thorough and ready to follow guidelines.

Ensure that you express courtesy throughout the letter. Do not express radical opinions or views. Furthermore, let your personality shine through.

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