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It's never easy to change career and take a new direction in life. Even hard is making career change and convincing the recruiter that you're the perfect match for the open position in a new industry. As such, a compelling career change cover letter is highly critical to help you explain the reason for the change while ensuring your value as a professional is well captured in a wholly different industry. It's never easy crafting cover letter for career change draft. Here is a sample and tips to help you get started right away.

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Career Change Cover Letter Sample

To effectively craft a cover letter for career change, you need to get the structure and format correctly to help you make the most impactful impression.

To effectively craft a cover letter for career change, you need to get the structure and format correctly to help you make the most impactful impression.

Opening: As you can find in sample cover letter for career change always ensure the draft remains as straightforward and simple as you can. Clearly indicate the post you're interested in and where you came across the open position. This is also where all the sources that helped you come across the job opening need to go. In case it's a person ensure their name appears in the opening section of the career change cover letter.

Example: This is a show of interest on the Customer Experience Agent position as advertised on The job was recommended to me by Hines Guns, a former colleague and manager for 6 years who believe the open position is a great fit for my skills and abilities.

Second paragraph: In this area in the career change cover letter offer a breakdown of your most relevant academic and professional accomplishments to clearly show your suitability for the job. Ensure it's related to past work history and experience and both academic and professional accomplishments help to testify about your fitness for the job. Such achievements might also indicate relevant skills required or handy in your new industry. As you'd find in a career change cover letter sample, in this paragraph you need to indicate why the opportunity offer the right time to switch into the new field.

Example: As my attached resume indicates, I have been in sales and customer care for 10 years where I worked to Chief Sales and Customer Experience Manager level. I am ready to change into operations and marketing field and this opportunity provide a wonderful role to help me in this regard.

Third Paragraph: In the cover letter career change section you need to begin expanding on the reasons why changing your career is something you really want. In a nutshell, in this section you need to let the hiring manager understand the reason the industry and specifically the open position is the most ideal choice to make the change. Offer reasons as detailed as you can in a precise and succinct manner justifying the reason for the new direction you're taking. Clear, well thought-out reasons ensure you'll be well trusted by the hiring manager when it comes to the next step in the applications review.

Example: My interest for working in Operations draws from my position in the management of fleet vehicles and desire to see different departments and sections of a company work seamlessly, something I was able to accomplish in a huge way during my time in customer care and sales. At the same time, I feel I have accomplished all I could in Sales and Operations has always been a real passion.

Extra paragraphs: After the reasons for possible career change have been well elucidated, make the most of great tangible examples to stress on what you can do for the company or employer and the way they apply in the new role. As you write the cover letter for career change it's possible to realize how the same accomplishments from previous jobs apply for the new industry as well. Do use the job description for inspiration and answer to any requirement sought. Make the most quantifiable examples in the demonstration of your fitness for the position. Make the most of transferrable skills available to build your case.

Example: In my former role as the Sales and Customer Manager at GHT Holdings I was able to manage diverse accounts and interlink different giant American brands such as Camponel, Ghastus and Intercomm-Lip that raised sales by 27% and boosted account renewals by 50%. While I agree the position is in another industry, I am convinced of translating the same success, accomplishments and drive to FAITU Ltd and ensure you have built your brand and name across North America and the world.

Closing: Follow a formal closing as career change cover letter samples clearly show and do thank the reader for their consideration and time. This is also where to indicate any ideas about follow-up and when you intend to do so. Ensure the proper formal closing has been used, such as "Yours Faithfully" if unsure of the contact person's name and "Yours Sincerely" where the name of the contact person is very clear. Close with your name thereafter.

Example: Thank you for your kind consideration and time. I will be calling before the end of the week to ensure you received the application and set up a meeting to discuss your needs and the position further.
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