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One of the most dynamic and rewarding positions today is being a barista. Here, you can use international methods and strategies to create the freshest brews of coffee. In addition to making high quality coffee, a barista also suggests accompaniments and serves the freshly brewed coffee in an elegant way. This position can be accessed by using the cover letter barista.

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A Barista Cover Letter Example

Carlos Ventura
California, CA 60791
Phone: 890-130-5678

October 28, 2018

Sally Stinson
California, CA 60751
Hiring Manager,
Treehouse Café.
13 Rolling Street,
California, CA 64701

Re: Barista position

Dear Ms. Stinson,

I am greatly honored to present you with this application for the Barista position in your establishment. I have 7 years of experience in providing this service. I am also fully trained on how to deliver various varieties of international coffee. I have successfully completed the formal and practical instruction that is required to perform this job. In addition to that, I have also invested in extra education and learned 3 extra languages namely Spanish, French and Russian. I have also completed training in business management and interpersonal relations. Implementing these skills in my various positions of employment has helped me to gain accolades such as Employee of the Month and Barista Extraordinaire.

I have taken up a variety of roles over the length of my career. These include being a waiter, messenger, inventory manager, client relations officer, cashier, IT guy and a barista. Each of these roles has granted me some precious knowledge and valuable skill. As such, I have a firm understanding of the beverages industry and I’m confident that I can be a great fit for the Barista position in your establishment.

I am diligent, hard working and consistent. I strive to complete every task which I receive on time. I am also creative and can mix and match ingredients so as to create the perfect cup of coffee. I have polished interpersonal skills and can interact smoothly with my clients. In addition to that, I can also accurately prescribe accompaniments for the coffee that I serve. This is so as to ensure that my clients get the best beverage and dining experience possible. I am a team player. Hence, I enjoy pursuing collaborative goals whenever required.

An opportunity to work in the Treehouse Café would be a great chance for me to learn new barista skills. I would be humbled by the chance to be invited for an interview. I appreciate the opportunity to make this application and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Carlos Ventura
California, CA 60791
Phone: 890-130-5678

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of a Barista Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of the cover letter for barista provides you with a chance to introduce yourself and your capability to the potential employer. Here, you can indicate the specific position which you are applying for. You can also give an overview of your experience thus far. This is done by indicating the number of years that you have worked in a particular position or industry. You can also point out your most competitive skills. As you express them, it is important to make sure that they are related to the position that you are applying for. By providing this information, you are able to provide the potential employer with a great first impression.

How to Write the Main Body of a Barista Cover Letter

The main body of the barista cover letter allows you to emphasize the various facts and statements that you have began the cover letter with. Here, you can indicate the roles and positions that you have taken over the length of your career so far. While doing so, you can explain the skills and knowledge that you gained in each one. While providing this data, you can also explain how these skills and knowledge can be implemented in the position that you are applying for.

If you have any accolades under your belt, the main body is an ideal section where you can explain them in full. Here, you can indicate the nature of the accolades and how you were able to get them. Furthermore, you can indicate whether they were personal or collaborative achievements. By making this step, you can create a strong, convincing coffee barista cover letter.

How to End a Barista Cover Letter

Indicate that you are enthusiastic about the position that you have applied for. Also, express that you humbly look forward to receiving an invitation to interview. Appreciate the chance to make the application and indicate that you look forward to hearing from the potential employer soon.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Barista Cover Letter

It is very important to make sure that your Barista cover letter is professional. This means that it should have the correct structure and contain accurate data. This can be accomplished by referring to a barista cover letter sample as you write the cover letter. You can download a free guide from the Internet and implement it for this purpose. By doing so, you are able to boost your chances of getting the job!

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