Bad Cover Letter Samples and How to Avoid the Same Mistakes

There are many reasons why you should always use a good cover letter when applying for a job. You need to present a great first impression and also express yourself in the most effective way possible. Furthermore, writing a correctly formatted cover letter allows you to be more competitive than the other applicants. Unfortunately, many people write a bad cover letter. Here is more information about bad cover letters and how to fix them.

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Bad Cover Letter Sample 1 with Review

Dear Mr. Spellman,

Hi there? Please find my resume attached below in response for your advertisement of a job as an editorial writer at your newspaper. I feel that it is totally time for me to get a new career. To cut a long story short, I can format textual pieces to Chicago/AP style quite comfortably. I am also perfect at typing between 60 and 65 words per minute. In addition to that, I understand publishing and also trafficking of articles (Please note that I do not engage in trafficking anything else. Would I be looking for job otherwise?)

Some of the software tools that I use include Mac OSX, Quark Xpress and MS Office. I can also manipulate FTP protocols like a true nerd. I can scour the Internet for anything and am intense with meeting deadlines. I'm only just average with Excel and I suck at HTML. You won't find me writing one of those common and pedestrian cover letters because I know you're sick and tired of reading them. I won't placate you with a speech about how you are amazing. That's because I only apply to firms that I would actually want to work for. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


In this cover letter, the applicant gets too personal with their perspective. There is no need to tell the potential employer that you are ready for a new job. They also add unnecessary information in the letter. Furthermore, they express activities that they are not good at. The objective of a cover letter is to put your best foot forward when applying for a job. Therefore, there is no room for negative self-appraisal.

The applicant expresses a negative opinion about other potential employees. Picking a different approach from the norm is okay but he has strayed too far in the wrong direction. There is a hint of pride in the applicant's tone and this does not contribute positively to their application. Too much detail is provided in the skills sector. Furthermore, instead of explaining how they would use these skills in the job, the applicant is simply repeating the contents of their Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Bad Cover Letter Sample 2 with Review

Hi Mr. Spellman,

I am only applying for the position of editorial writer because I studied journalism in college. I originally have a background in engineering. However, I am currently looking for some employment before I resume my next semester. Hence, I thought that writing this cover letter to apply for the job you're offering would be a good place to start.

My name is Stefan and I am studying in a Leftist University that likes to analyze markets for the sole purpose of bashing them. To be quite honest I don't read your magazine or website. However, I do have a good grasp of the sort of content that goes into a business magazine like yours. Therefore, I feel that I can be a good fit as a writer for your organization. I am well aware that I'm not tailor made for the job but I can give it a good go. Also, I am not going to stay long because my second semester begins very soon. Nevertheless, I enjoyed applying. Thanks and regards.


This applicant is clearly not interested in getting employed in the position that was advertised. This is because they have already expressed that they do not intend to stay in the job for a long time. The reason is their studies and it is relevant. However, arrangements for work study programs have been made before and worked for others. This applicant does not seem to desire such an arrangement.

In their application, the applicant has indicated that they do not particularly read the magazine that is hiring. In doing so, they have shot themselves squarely in the foot. You are supposed to have a wealth of knowledge and be passionate about the firms that you apply to. Doing so increases your chances of getting employment with them. Lukewarm interest does not get you hired. Last but not least, the applicant has indicated that they are not tailor made for the job. In doing so, they have expressed negativity that does not inspire confidence in the hiring manager.

A Good Cover Letter Sample

Djimon Salisi
Iowa, IA 80091
Phone: 312-567-8001

October 12, 2018

Mr. Benedict Spellman
Hiring Manager
Corporate Mirror Magazine,
612 Blue Streaks Street,
Iowa, IA 80091

Re: Editorial Writer Position

Dear Mr. Spellman,

I am very glad to submit my application for the Editorial Writer position after noticing an advertisement for this open position in your magazine. I am an avid reader of the Corporate Mirror. I have scoured through various issues of your magazine since it started running 4 years ago. Over the same period of time, I have practiced as a freelance journalist and accumulated a wealth of experience in print media. The journey has helped me to sharpen my skills and now I can handle paper-based and digital editorial journalism.

Whenever I am writing or contributing to the editorial section of a magazine, I am fully focused on presenting material that the reader will relate with and enjoy. I have a firm grasp of all the software that is required for this purpose. In addition to that, I fully understand the legal, geo-political and economic aspects surrounding this professional role. As a result of my skill and dedication, I have repeatedly received accolades such as the Writer of the Month and Article of the Year. As a result, I am recognized as a hard worker both inside the organizations that I have worked for and also among the journalist fraternity.

An editorial writer should make sure that the content provided in an article has solid evidence backing it. They should also strive to be objective and present the information in an accurate, concise way. The editorial journalist needs to be aware of world events. They should also have a firm grasp of the political and economic activities that are occurring in their own country. This allows their material to have a perspective that is relatable on both national and international fronts. Whenever I am providing my services, I strive to fulfill these requirements and responsibilities to the best of my capability.

By taking the time to apply for this position in your magazine, I am looking for a chance to join one of the most reputable and well known business magazines in the country. The Corporate Mirror is well known to be striking and informative at the same time. I hope to learn from you and implement your high-tech research and presentation equipment in the work that I provide.

Applying for the position of editorial journalist in your magazine fills me with joy. Kindly get in touch with me through my email address or phone number so as to arrange an interview. During this meeting, we can discuss the responsibilities that come with this position on a face to face basis. Thank you for your consideration.


Djimon Salisi
Iowa, IA 80091
Phone: 312-567-8001

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