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The attorney is a very important legal representative for clients today. This professional works to communicate the view of the defendant or plaintiff in any legal proceeding. There are different types of attorneys who specialize in various types of law for example criminal justice, family law and commercial law. To become an attorney, you can begin by making an application using the attorney cover letter.

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An Attorney Cover Letter Example

Philip Firestone
New York, NY 60789
Phone: 909-321-4561

October 24, 2018
Henry Jitterman
Jitterman & Prior Associates at Law.
67 Gill Street,
New York, NY 60789

Dear Mr. Jitterman,

It is my honor to present you with this application for the Attorney position in your firm. I have 8 years of experience as a legal practitioner. I have successfully completed all the formal and practical education that is required for this position. To be as capable and competitive as possible, I have completed some extra training in the fields of linguistics, psychology and Information Technology (IT). Applying these extra skills has helped me to successfully represent my clients in courts of law. My winning rate is at 95% and I have received recognition by the Attorney's Guild of New York for my performance.

Within the legal sector, I have performed a wide range of roles. I have been a paralegal, messenger, information technologist, counselor, legal attaché and an attorney. In each of these roles, I have learned a wide range of skills and capabilities. I have also fostered some valuable experience which assists me to make comprehensive, correct observations and decisions. As such, I am confident that I can be a good fit for the attorney position in your firm.

I am diligent, determined and always focused on my cases. I am empathetic and always take the time to understand my clients' perspectives whenever they interact with me. I am courageous and will take on cases of any type. Furthermore, I have a winning mentality and will see every case through to the end. I am a team player. As such, I can comfortably work with other lawyers so as to achieve a collective goal such as victory in a class action suit.

An opportunity to work at the prestigious Jitterman & Prior Associates at Law would be a great chance for me to learn new ways of performing legislation and legal representation. I would be humbled to be invited for an interview. I appreciate the chance to make this application and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Philip Firestone
New York, NY 60789
Phone: 909-321-4561

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of an Attorney Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of the associate attorney cover letter serves an introductory role. Here, you can introduce yourself to the potential employer. You can begin by indicating the exact position that you are applying for. Having done so, you can give an overview of your experience. This is achieved by simply stating the length of your experience so far. You can point out your most valuable and competitive skills. Furthermore, any achievements or accolades which you have received so far can be indicated here. The main objective in the opening paragraph is to put your best professional foot forward and impress the potential employer as much as possible.

How to Write the Main Body of a Attorney Cover Letter

The main body of the Attorney cover letter gives you a chance to explain yourself in detail. Here, you can indicate the various roles that you have performed in the legal profession. As you do so, proceed to explain the skills and experience that you learned in each one. You can also indicate the most competitive capabilities or skills that you have. This allows you to compete with other applicants from the get-go. To make the case stronger, proceed to indicate how you would apply these skills in the position that you desire. This shows the potential employer that you understand how to infer and take initiative.

If you have made some achievements, feel free to indicate them in this section of the lateral attorney cover letter. Explain the nature of each achievement and also indicate how it has contributed to your overall professional career. The details that you indicate in your main body are meant to make your cover letter stronger and more robust.

How to End an Attorney Cover Letter

In conclusion, your Attorney cover letter needs to show some enthusiasm for the position which you are applying for. Proceed to indicate that you appreciate the opportunity to make the application. Close by expressing that you hope for a response soon.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Attorney Cover Letter

To improve the chance of being employed, you should make sure that your cover letter looks as professional as possible. This can be achieved by using a sample attorney cover letter. You can download one of the appropriate attorney cover letter samples from the Internet at no cost. After that, you can refer to it as you write your own. This results in a perfect cover letter attorney that is bound to get you hired!

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