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Being an art director is one of the most vibrant and creative professions today. They rely on their knowledge of art and organizational skills to manage art exhibitions. The art director organizes the artists that are slated to deliver displays. They also manage the sequence of display and promotion of the event. They perform donor interaction and also supervise the event. To be an art director, you can use the art director cover letter.

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An Art Director Cover Letter Example

Winnie Sheffield
New York, NY 60712
Phone: 806-312-9004

November 4, 2018

Shadrack Holyfield
Senior Manager,
Le Chic Art Gallery.
5th Avenue,
New York, NY 63401

RE: Art Director Position

Dear Mr. Holyfield,

I am honored to present you with my application for the Art Director Position in your gallery. I have 5 years of experience in the world of art. I have completed all the necessary education for this position. I have also invested in some extra skills such as linguistics, Information Technology (IT) and even management. They grant me some extra competence and capability in this role. By implementing them in my previous positions, I have earned the accolade of Art Director Extraordinaire multiple times.

I have performed a wide range of roles in the art world. Examples of these include being a gallery cleaner, messenger, promoter, artist liaison, technology advisor and also an art director. Each of these roles has helped me to learn strategic, important skills and capabilities. I have also gained a universal understanding of the world of art. By doing so, I am confident that I can be a good fit for the Art Director Position in your gallery.

Art direction is more than a job to me, it is a passion. I love discovering, displaying and interpreting art. I am hard working and always pull no stops in ensuring that my events are successful. I have polished interpersonal skills. This helps me to interact with my clients in a civil and amicable way. I have a strong grasp of the logistics behind art shows. In addition to that, I am fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese. I am also a capable team player.

An opportunity to work at Le Chic Art Gallery would be a great chance for me to learn new methods and strategies for art direction. I would be humbled to receive an invitation to interview. I appreciate the chance to make this application and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Winnie Sheffield
New York, NY 60712
Phone: 806-312-9004

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of an Art Director Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of a cover letter for art director performs an introductory role. Here, you can indicate the specific position which you are applying for. You can also give an overview of your experience. This is done by indicating the length of time that you have worked in a particular position, role or industry. In this section, you can also point out your most competitive skills. As you do so, ensure that they are related to the position that you are applying for. If you have made some achievements, they are best implemented in this section. You can also point out any professional recommendations or reviews. The opening paragraph gives you a chance to paint an ideal first impression to your potential employer.

How to Write the Main Body of an Art Director Cover Letter

Within the main body of the Art Director cover letter, you can give more details about your professional profile. Here, you can indicate the positions that you have worked in over the course of your career. You can also indicate the skills or capabilities that you learned in each one. Proceed to explain how they can be implemented in the position that you are applying for. This reveals to the potential employer that you are intuitive in nature.

Here, you can also give more information about your accomplishments. Illustrate your professional journey through them and indicate the steps that you took so as to excel. Furthermore, point out if they were individual or collaborative achievements.

How to End an Art Director Cover Letter

As you end the Art Director cover letter, make sure to express enthusiasm for the position. Indicate that you would appreciate an invitation to interview. Close by expressing that you would be glad to hear from the potential employer.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Art Director Cover Letter

Your cover letter art director needs to be professional. This can be accomplished by referring to a sample guide. There are hundreds of templates on the Internet for this purpose. Simply refer to an appropriate art director cover letter sample as you write the cover letter. This will increase your chances of achieving success by tenfold!

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