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Not everyone believes cover letters are necessary. How important is a cover letter? Do you need it? Not every job application actually requires a cover letter. However, not writing one could really jeopardize your chances of getting that job in case the recruiter decided to read or give attention only to those with cover letters in their applications. Here are a number of reasons on the necessity of submitting cover letters.

are cover letters necessary

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Why a Cover Letter is Necessary

There are many reasons why cover letters make a lot of sense and highly effective. While not all job applications actually require them, some situations are cover letters necessary. These include cases where open position clearly stipulates all applications must be submitted with a cover letter. At such a point you cannot argue with a job description. Some job offers also demand the document whether you're asked to submit one or not.

At times, you might want to apply for a job from a person you know, including their name. A cover letter allows you to address them. Also, where the position is one referred to you by another individual it makes perfect sense to introduce yourself and the recommendation in the draft. Note that employers and recruiters today still expect cover letters to be attached with resumes while a chunk of them consider the letters to be very important.

How important is a cover letter to an employer? Does it mean you shouldn't write one? Lots of employers don't really care about cover letters according to studies, but with reasons. Most actually have hiring managers, recruiters or human resource departments who handle such matters. As a result, cover letters are submitted to recruiters to read.

Do you need a cover letter with your resume? Absolutely! The employer might not be interested but the hiring manager might expect it to make their mind on whether you deserve a future interview.

Cover Letter Sample

Martha Scholes
934 Magic Avenue
Homeground, MI 23498

May 11, 2018

Mr. Steve O'Shea
Hiring Manager
Homeground First Marketing
7609 West Street
Homeground, MI 23498

Dear Mr. O'Shea,

This letter is a show of interest in the Sales and Marketing Agent Position your Customer Care Agent, Wentworth Schaller informed me about. With over 4 years' experience as a sales and marketing agent at Jam City Works, I am ready to offer these skills to you.

I have also been managing the company brand, operating departmental sales and marketing campaigns and reaching out to the community while building breakthrough audio visual marketing initiatives. I also bring widespread experience managing a team of highly skilled and driven 50 people across North and South America.

I understand the Sales and Marketing Manager will be helping Homeground First Marketing operationalize digitally in over 10 nations. I cannot wait to discuss how social media and video networking would be perfect in your new quest.

Attached is my resume with more information including references. I will be contacting you in three days to ensure you received my application and set up a meeting to discuss how you can reach 5 nations in 30 days and double your sales by 35% in 7 days. Do give me a call or email any hour during the day.

Thank you for your patience and kind consideration.

Martha Scholes

Dos and Don'ts in a Cover Letter

When is a cover letter necessary during the application process? The answer to that is anytime you're making an application unless impressed upon not to. The importance of cover letter cannot be underestimated but there're some do's and don'ts you need to pay attention to if the cover letter is to help you impress the hiring manager interacting with it.

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