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Few positions give a comprehensive view of the corporate world like the Administrative Coordinator position. In this job, you are able to see all the activities which occur in and around the office environments of today. This position allows you to provide administrative assistance to a variety of professionals. Not only does it give you ample experience, this job also allows you to gain some valuable skills. You can get into it by applying through an administrative coordinator cover letter.

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An Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter Example

Janet Wildeman
Washington DC, DC 65007
Phone: 607-413-4590

October 19, 2018

Ms. Grace Galicia
Hiring Manager,
White House Press Office.
61 Greystone Drive
Washington DC, DC 65007

Re: Administrative Coordinator Position

Dear Ms. Galicia,

It is my honor to submit my application for the Administrative Coordinator position in your office. As of now, I have accumulated 5 years of experience in working in the formal sector. 3 of these years were spent working in government offices. I have learned the professional processes that characterize offices of the government. I have also developed a work ethic that assures positive results and the delivery of required services. Therefore, I am confident that my skill and experience can help me to fulfill the activities associated with this position.

Over the length of my career, I have worked in many offices both in the private and the public sector. In these positions, I have played a range of important roles. Examples of these are a personal secretary, messenger, information technologist, receptionist and also an Administrative Coordinator. Through these roles, I have gained a variety of perspectives in the field of administration. I have also gained a wide range of skills.

I am a hard working person. I am also understanding and empathetic of the professional needs of my colleagues and bosses. I pay full attention to my job and regularly go the extra mile so as to ensure that the required deliverables are achieved. I have polished my interpersonal skills. I am also a good team player and always enthusiastic to achieve collective goals.

The opportunity to work in the White House Press Office is a great chance for me to learn the administrative methods of the corridors of power. I would be very grateful to receive an invitation to interview. I would take the chance to learn the specific responsibilities which you expect a professional in this position to fulfill. I appreciate the opportunity to send this application and hope to hear from you soon.


Janet Wildeman
Washington DC, DC 65007
Phone: 607-413-4590

How to Write the Opening Paragraph an Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter

The opening paragraph of the cover letter for administrative coordinator is a chance for you to express yourself. Here, you can indicate the specific position that you are applying for. You can also express your experience. Indicate the length of experience that you have and the industries where you have been active. You can also give an overview of your skills and the capabilities which you have developed over time. If you have any achievements or accolades, feel free to indicate them here. Explain your positive achievements and active experience here in detail. This is so as to paint a positive impression in the mind of the recruiter.

How to Write the Main Body of an Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter

The main body of an Administrative Coordinator cover letter provides you with an opportunity to explain your skills, experience and achievements in detail. Here, you can indicate how long you have worked in your industry. You can also indicate the various roles which you participated in. If it is possible, indicate your responsibilities in each one and what you learned. If you participated in some competitions and excelled, do not hesitate to indicate this in your cover letter. If possible, indicate the role that you played and how you were able to contribute to the win. Any special talents and capabilities need to be indicated in the main body. As you do so, ensure that they are relevant to the position which you are applying for. The main body is an arena for you to express your personal ability. Make it as detailed and positive as possible to boost the chances of recruitment.

How to End an Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter

The ending of an Administrative Coordinator cover letter is a very important section. Here, you can indicate enthusiasm for the position that you are applying for. Proceed to humbly express that you hope to be invited for an interview. You can also show that you appreciate the opportunity to make an application.

Other Writing Tips to Make an effective Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter

A cover letter administrative coordinator should always have the correct format. Make sure that yours has the right format by investing in a sample. This is a professional guide that can show you how to structure the letter and the specific type of content which should be included. By using this strategy, you can increase the chances of success in your job application.

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