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Primarily concerned with the management and handling of money, an accountant is a very important professional in any business. This strategic role can be attained by making an official application. This involves sending your resume along with an accounting cover letter to the potential employer. Here is how to write a cover letter for the accountant position.

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An Accounting Cover Letter Example

Joseph Mandrake
Tennessee, TN 70032
Phone: 903-671-0089
Email: jmandrake@hotmail.com

October 13, 2018

Ms. Silvia Stoneheart
Lead Accounts Officer
Assurance Financiers Ltd,
Tennessee, TN 70032

Re: Accountant Position

Dear Ms. Stoneheart,

It is with great pleasure that I submit my application for the Accountant Position in your company. I have 7 years of experience in this field. I have also completed all formal and practical certifications that are required for the accountancy position. Throughout my career, I have been consistently dedicated to my responsibilities and the needs of the firm. Due to this, I have been named the Accountant of the Year multiple times and been inducted into the Silver Order of Accountants. These accolades have helped me to get national, professional recognition in my profession. They have also inspired me to perform my job responsibilities in an excellent way.

In my years as an accountant, I have worked in various businesses and organizations. Some of them were directly within my expertise and training while others were not. I have had the opportunity to be a front office manager, messenger, Information Technology (IT) assistant and also an accountant. In each of these roles, I learned quite a lot and gained a positive perspective of many industries.

Extensive experience in this job has also helped me to attain a number of skills and talents. I have learned how to use software to manage the day to day activities in an organization. I have also polished up my people skills and improved my ability to communicate clearly. In addition to these, I have discovered a talent in accurate organization. I thoroughly enjoy organizing company resources so as to boost efficiency. I have also found a talent in interacting with clients to solve their diverse problems. Furthermore, I am an enthusiastic team player.

A chance to work in Assurance Financiers Ltd would be an excellent opportunity to learn something new and also sharpen my skills. Contributing my skill and capability for the purpose of organizational growth would be a supremely rewarding experience. I would be very grateful to be invited for an interview so as to discover the various responsibilities and requirements associated with the Accountant Position in your firm. Kindly do contact me through my phone number or email address. I look forward to hearing from you.


Joseph Mandrake
Tennessee, TN 70032
Phone: 903-671-0089
Email: jmandrake@hotmail.com

How to Write the Opening Paragraph of an Accountant Cover Letter

The first paragraph of any cover letter accounting is of prime importance. This is because it introduces you to the employer and also expresses the qualities and skills that you bring to the table. In this paragraph, you can enter all the skills, talents and qualities which you believe will provide you with a competitive advantage over other applicants of the job.

The length of your experience needs to be included in this paragraph of accounting cover letters as well. In addition to that, express any achievements that you have made over time. This will present you as a capable and highly competent person that is fit for the job. Ensure that you indicate all the talents and skills that you have in this paragraph. The main objective is to paint the best professional picture of yourself that you can.

How to Write the Main Body of an Accountant Cover Letter

Writing the main body of a cover letter for accounting requires attention to detail and maximum expressiveness. In this section of the letter, you can indicate details about your working experience. This includes the roles that you have taken up in various firms and the responsibilities that you held in each role. Furthermore, proceed to explain any achievements and other accolades that you have attained throughout your career.

As you write the main body, include detailed information about the lessons that you have learned over time in your career which contribute positively to your application for the current job. Indicate the responsibilities of a professional in this job and show how your skills and capabilities can be applied in the role. This demonstrates to your potential employer that you are mentally prepared to take up the role upon request. Remember to use professional language and show relevant examples throughout this section.

How to End an Accountant Cover Letter

The last paragraph of a cover letter for accounting job is just as important as the first one. Here, make sure to express appreciation for the chance to make an application. Proceed to indicate that you are very open to an interview session. Show that you look forward to it and also desire to learn what the employer expects from a professional in the Accountancy position. Use courteous language as you sign off.

Other Writing Tips to Make an Effective Accountant Cover Letter

For you to write a perfect Accounting cover letter, it is important to use the right format. This can be achieved by referring to a sample accounting cover letter. There are literally thousands of these on the Internet. You can download some for free and refer to them as you write your own cover letter. The accounting cover letter examples will guide the overall structure and content of your accounting cover letter. They will also provide you with confidence that you are writing a winning letter. This increases your chances of getting employment.

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