10 Cover Letter Mistakes You Should Avoid

The worst disservice to yourself during the job application process is ignoring cover letter mistakes. With so many applicants eyeing the same job almost all the time, it pays to mind mistakes you could make in your cover letter writing process. No recruiter or employer has the patience to keep reading a document with so many errors or even consider you for a future interview. To be on the safe side during the drafting process, here are a number of cover letter mistakes you might want to avoid.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid in Cover Letter

To write an impactful cover letter that makes a case for you as the best candidate, avoid these mistakes.

1. Beginning cover letter with your name: Cover letter mistakes are many, but the worst can be beginning it with your name. You cannot go far with blatant ignoring of critical information such as relevant qualifications as introduction and choosing your name. You can even start with how many you've been around the industry instead of your name.

2. Submissions with glaring errors: The best cover letter mistakes to ensure you're screened out are typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. Rather, make the most of spelling software to identify mistakes but don't always trust grammar checking software to do everything for you. The tools might miss the most glaring errors. Just read every sentence with eyes on each word and rectify mistakes. Editors or friends can also help read through and suggest areas to remove and blunders to rectify.

3. Don't repeat your resume: The worst you can do and waste lots of time while at it is rehashing the CV or resume. Avoid making the cover letter a copy of the resume. Rather, take the job description and find three or so requirements and focus on them in the cover letter. It gives the reader perfect image of what you can do and how you perfectly fit the profile of the candidate they're after.

4. Zero research: Avoid cover letter mistakes mostly driven by laziness. One of them is carrying zero research during the drafting process. Where the name of the contact isn’t given, it behooves you to do a little research online and find the name of the person, their title and more. Do call the company if you have to and indicate you're in the process of applying and wanted to address the proper person.

5. "Me" complex: Lots of people forget the cover letter is more of a sales pitch than personal branding. Avoid the mistake of talking so much about yourself than the employer. To be on the safe side, research the needs of the employer and the job and write answering their concerns and how your skills and experience are the solution the company is after.

6. Generic letter content: You'll always go wrong and make grave cover letter mistakes if you keep on using generic content in your cover letter that's so general it fails to convince the reader how you fit in the open position. Again, the solution here is finding 3-5 job requirements detailed in the job description and use your education background, skills and experience to write how you meet these prerequisites using tangible and truthful demonstrations from your past job.

7. Minimal adhering to instructions: The legal industry, education and healthcare among others always want a cover letter accompanying the resume. The worst cover letter mistakes you can do is ignoring clearly given instructions in a job description. Most employers have very clear instructions about how certain things are to be done, such as use of certain formats, documents, PDFs among others. Failing to follow these clear guidelines will see your application screened out fast.

8. Too long: No one is interested in lengthy cover letters. With just a few seconds to read through the document it pays to make the cover letter brief, interesting to read and rather different from all others sent to the same hiring manager. Always stick to a single page.

9. Crowding your letter: If you end up sharing so many details from your past hustles you will crowd your cover letter and appear confused, without tact and unable to make sense of too much information.

10. Thin examples: Whatever you do ensure you've offered efficient examples rather than blanket opinions unsupported by evidence. For instance, rather than just throw in how outstanding your work ethic is show this in practice from your past experiences. Always back a statement made in relation to your achievements and skills.

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